LLM here? I don't know what to title this anymore. Oh wow.

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Imagine this. You are having a mental breakdown about everything that's going on in your life. You don't even know what to do with yourself in that second. You are just scrolling through your bookmarks trying to find something of comfort, and you find the link to the kids forums question and answer site that used to be your life. Which you used to have a presence on. You decide to click on it. You open the tab and of course have to reset your password. And then it takes you on a journey. A journey of nostalgia. As you scroll through it, you easily navigate to your advice column, checking for very old questions that were never answered. Then you go to your blog section. You maybe even read one of the posts. You just feel an overwhelming love for the person you used to be when you were here, on this very site. Younger you, a younger voice, younger fingers not yet able to type as well. A younger mind. A more innocent one. But along with the nostalgia, you also feel an unfamiliarity. It's different now. It's moved on without you, as you knew it would. You made an impact here. But you still weren't that imporant, you weren't one of those people who would be remembered forever. You feel yourself smiling at all the posts of the people who never knew you, or used to. You feel comforted at the fact that things have stayed the same and changed all at the same time -- and so have you. So you start to type this. Deciding that whether people know you or not, you have to say something. You have to say something about the place that was once your whole life. 


So yeah. I have no clue what that intro is. It was pretty much just me blabbing and kind of typing without thinking. So hi. You probably don't know me or remember me. I'm LLM. I've been on this site for.... 2 years? I was pretty decently active for the first year and a half I think. Then I guess.... I slipped away. I don't think I ever actually said I was leaving so... Yeah. Hi. 


Oh gods. It feels so weird to write this. I guess I just have some things I'd like to say. I'll start by saying I have no clue how I'm still the 4th user... Second, I don't know what I'm saying anymore. So I guess I want to know. Does anyone remember me? I'm curious. 


So yeah. Here I am. The person who slipped away to the way bigger world of Wattpad. I guess coming back to write this... I kinda wanted a piece of the person I was then? I liked her better in a way. She was so young, innocent, naive even. She was different than the person I am now. She was different than the person I was irl then. She was special. I guess, I still am her now. I can't change completely now, can I? I've just developed ya know. 


So, people who don't know me, people who were/are my friends, I had tons of things I was planning to say in this, and like me, I forgot most of them. So yeah. Maybe I'll do an intruduction to me? 


My name is LLM (it feels so weird to type that instead of my real name). I'm still a teenager, no matter how weird this sounded. I'm not very old.... ahahahaha. Idek. I'm a girl (she/her). And not that it matters that much but I'm heteromantic, so yeah. I have a dog... still alive btw. I'm still awkward. I'm still me. Bookworm, fangirl, writer, kinda artist, video editor (sometimes), and kinda a graphic designer (hobby). I'm aspiring to be many things ig. So yeah. That's me. 


As for the kind more update-y part, I'm fine, I'm okay. I'm alive. I'll be fine. My life is okay. So yeah.


For the big question, I have no clue if this means I'll be back. You might never hear from me again. And this probably seems pointless. I will try to post some. But really, I don't know this place anymore. I don't know the ways. I don't know what's going on. 


So now. The biggest thing. Can you all answer this? If you know me I wanna talk to you again. No matter who you are, I miss you. I do. I will have email notifications on for once, so I'll get it. And maybe just give me updates on you, KidzSearch, questions, you name it. 


Oh wow. That was a lot but nothing at the same time. I'm rambling. No clue what I'm saying. So yeah. I guess I've really only been gone for .... six months? feels like an eternity tho. 


Love, LLM




P.S. the way that this started off with complex sentences and then I started rambling is just so -

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answered Apr 1 by LunaLight (136,480 points)
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Nope, definitely don't remember you sarcasm. Sup LLM, I missed ya on here. Happy to have you back for at least a post. No current dramas, the last one was about Kitten wanting to be friends with me and me basically telling him no, and admittingly, harshly. 

commented Apr 1 by lunalovegoodmolly (323,910 points)
wAiT wHo aRe yOu *also sarcasm*? I missed being on here. And who knows, maybe it will be more than one post. And ah. Sounds. . . intense. Good to know there isn't anything currently. How've you been?
commented Apr 1 by LunaLight (136,480 points)
Alright, I suppose.
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answered Aug 15 by forgxtten (74,260 points)

hEy, rEmEmBeR mE? tis han-


you made me sad when i was reading this


because i feel the same way. younger me was so . . . different. you know what i mean. i was in 5th grade when i first started reading posts on here and kidznet, and now i’m in high school. i’m not as innocent. i’ve experienced pain, friendship, love, hardships and LoTs of nostalgia when i came back from a long break. covid changed everything and when i came back here to read things that happened before then, i realized how easy life was for me although i didn’t recognize it. we’ve all been changed, and life is so different now than we have could ever imagined. now even chicken girls gives me nostalgia- (gods you remember that?) so yea. im gonna stop now. 


but aside from that, yes, i know this was in april and yes, i know it was 4 months ago, but i miss you coreee <3 howve you been? maybe i can have your phone number or smth? iDk, ask gem for my email that ive had since i was born because i check that a lot (use hangouts though, my dad checks my emails) so yeaaa i havent really been active on here. 


i shall mail a hug to you even though i dont have your address although with my expert googling skills i could probably find your parents except dont worry i won’t. i just know their names. lol. 



commented Aug 15 by cordelia forgot her password


I still need to watch chicken girls -

I won't write much here, but I'll ask gem for it.
commented Aug 17 by forgxtten (74,260 points)
lol hiii

yes you do.

okay good
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answered Apr 2 by magicharrypottergal (28,700 points)
Hey LLM!
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answered Apr 1 by Ammy-k (42,370 points)
Hi! Of course I remember you!

It's been 6 months already? Wow.

IDK if you remember me, but I liked that first paragraph. You should write a book. (Well, you probably are already writing stories.)

Even if you don't stay, I'm glad you wrote this. I've been wondering what you were doing for a while now.

Anyway, thanks for checking in with us!
commented Apr 1 by lunalovegoodmolly (323,910 points)
Hiiii! And I know!!! It feels like less time than that.

AND OF COURSE I REMEMBER YOU!!!! HOW COULD I FORGET YOU???? and awww thank you. And yes, I am writing several books. I was actually just working on one like five minutes ago - ahaahaha. Maybe I'll post one of them sometime.

And I think I'll try to check in every once and a while now.

How've you been?


commented Apr 2 by Ammy-k (42,370 points)
I've been fine. Thanks you replying! And if you ever do post a story here, I'd love to read it.
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answered Apr 1 by ~Ash~ (94,100 points)
Hey LLM,

Though we never met, I’d like you to know that I know you. You started a HelpTheWolves group. You had a dog named Molly. You loved Harry Potter. It would be fun if you stayed, but it’s your choice!
commented Apr 1 by lunalovegoodmolly (323,910 points)
Hi, Ash, I'm guessing,

You have no clue how much that means to me. You know what. I'll try to check in more. Maybe we can get to know each other better?
commented Apr 1 by ~Ash~ (94,100 points)
Sure thing :)
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answered Apr 1 by JD2005

Dear LLM,

Wow... It's been a really long time since you last came here. Where have you been? :O

We didn't forget you. How could we? :)

I missed you. And I'm really glad to see you again! Please don't go this time. Even if you do, I'll hope that you would check in at least once each week... Would you? Please? :(

How are you? And how is Molly? I hope you guys are doing well.

With love, JD2005.

commented Apr 1 by lunalovegoodmolly (323,910 points)
Hiii, Jay!

And yeah. It's been a very .... very long time. I've been on other social media networks mostly, and just doing other things with my life.

Awwww. <3

I missed you too. and it's good to see you again too. I'll try to check in more. No promises. But I'll try.

I'm fine! Molly is great. She loves having me home more. How are you?


<3 LLM
commented Apr 2 by JD2005
Hey! I'm okay. Glad to hear that you two are doing good. :)

Thanks for replying! :D

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