looking for new members for my band

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asked Apr 1 in Music Entertainment by BLACK ROSES AKA CHLOE AND NIKKI

hey yall its nikki and chloe were twin sisters! we started our band black roses 3 years ago when we noticed it was time for more mebers we discoverd kidz search so if you would at least like to be in the band please put a video and or info about you and your musical experinance

AND CHLOE And I will pick our newest members of the black roses

good luckrock

hello its the twins as you can see we have chatted with rocketalein and we have a change of plans.

so since we cant show videos of OURSELVES u have two choices you can make a recording of the music and put it on here (how we have no idea) or you can still make a video but you will have to cover your camera so we cant see you. I think the second one is better. BUT IF YOU GIVE US A VIDEO AND WE CAN SEE YOU WE WILL NOT TAKE  IT!!!  also ill be having you do your part by urself so there will be an order so first when we do start ill go by this order




and all other instraments the people in the band can play.

also since i will be recording it

i will need you to count to 10 slowly in your head before singing in the video which i will not see you but i will hear you  ill demenstrate so  when 1 say 10 ill start saying words which represent the music :

1..2..3..4..5..6..7..8..9..10 tacos pizza fries

so like that im doing this because illl be recording this on one device  

so there will be a maximum of 10 new band members there is already one which is barbiefan201 so thats 9  more spots

here are the parts that are available



sound efects

rap (yes rap some songs involve rap)


good luck
chloe: okay legit people its been more then a day and we have 1 member!!1

pls if u have any music talents then u belong here plllllllls!!

nikki: chloe stop u r embaresing me the scream queeen does not beg i knoow how to get them to sighn up!!!!
i know u guys dont know our band that well. you might have seen our post u know the one by princess nikki and chloe the cat well u guessed it that was us who wrote the song well as you also know we have baand tryouts only one has sighned up and won we need more people who wanna be in the band u dont have to be a singer any musical talents u have we can use them so put sme info about ur musical experiance in the comments since u barly know us here is a song me (nikki) wrote

its called i owe it all to you

chloe: when you write that one?

nikki: yesterday

chloe: oh

as i was saying this song below i hope u like it.
commented Apr 5 by BLACK ROSES AKA NIKKI

nikki: this is called I owe it all to you i made this song for my twin chloe, me and her have everything in common, and zoey my 9 year old twin sister you keep follwing your dreams! you two are the light of my life and I owe it all to you...


to the time we cry to the times we fall, just know that were gonna get through it all.

when I cry your by my side even when the waves turn into to tides yeah yeah yeah

after all my stone tears, i get through all these fears, and i wont let you go, cuz i want you to know, that i owe it all to you, and yes this all is true! take my hand and hold it tight then we will walk straight into the night. yeah I owe it all to you I hope you know its true and i dont wanna let you down no no no no 

(raps: take me down to 66 the clocks going tock tick (tock tick) if i dont have you i rather lay on a brick. if im without you then i must be sick!! money or you woah just take you then ill go (ill go) only got my twins no bro (no bros) dont care about money ok so?)

i owe it all to you  and i hope you know its true cuz i owe all to you yeah I owe it all to you!

chloe: first i brought zoey

zoey: hi nikki!!!

nikki: oh hi zoey! why dont you say hi to the people on kidz search you know where me and chloe do our songs.

zoey: wait this is the place where my big sisters do there songs??

chloe: yup

zoey: wow well then hello im zoey  nikki and chloe's younger twin (the type that looks like them)  im gonna be in the band later on this year!

both twins: yup!

Chloe: nikki i did not know you could rap!!!

nikki: oh you didn't? well i do! but it needs some work dont ya think?

chloe: um do i hate music?

nikki: no

Chloe : then you have your anwser!!

zoey: so you wrote that for us nikki?

chloe: yeah did you

nikki: yup!!!

chloe: *sniffs* it was...

all three twins: ROCKIN SWEET! *high fives*

Chloe: maybe we should do a remi on that song and try it in diff music genres!!

Nikki: yeah

bottom line is pls pls pls  put info bout ur musical history if u wanna be in the band  we might let you in!!!

zoey: but your saving room for me right?

nikki: of course little sis there is really 11 spots the last one is open for u !

zoey: oh goody! im hungry!

chloe: ill feed her nikki! we gotta go oh and remember tommorow u gotta bring zoey here for the day so she can see what we do all day!

zoey: yeah you promised!!

nikki: ok ok ill do it!

chloe zoey and nikki : guys PLS SIGN UP!!!!!!!!!

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answered Apr 1 by RocketAlein

Hi Chloe and Nikki!

Unfortunately in KidzSearch we aren’t aloud to put videos or photos of ourselves. Also, you might want an account. For me, I don’t really think I need one right now, but may get one in the future. I do know a lot of people on here like having an account. If you do want one, here’s the link:

Glad to “meet” you!


Dear rocketAlien,

we so understand about the no photos and videos of yourselfs!
anyway we also see yomentioned our not having an account. Well nikki and I dont have an account on here because all of our other accounts to kidsfafe websites have been hacked and we already reported that to the police btw! we dont wanted to be hacked again so we thought it be safer for me and nikki if we went account free also since we have our younger sister zoey (she is our identacal twin just with a diff birthday and younger then us) we want her to be safe too because we promised her she could join the band later on this year that means she will be using ks we dont want her to know what being hacked feels like. life in our family is not easy we have been jugded and more and music is our way out right now we feel ks might be our way to not make just make our family proud but other people proud too! we want people to listen to the words in our songs, and think they can do anything because they can and if we get hacked then that will take our choice to make people smile and we dont want that we hope you understand!
Nikki and chloeminecraftfigureminecraft-sword (sorry we had to put that emoji we love minecraft lol!!)


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answered Apr 1 by LunaLight (128,370 points)
Hm, the second set of twins KS has seen.
commented Apr 1 by anonymous
Who was the first?
commented Apr 2 by LunaLight (128,370 points)
KnightStar and Queeny.
commented Apr 2 by JD2005
Queeny and KnightStar.
so me and nikki have NO IDEA who this queeny and knitestar are all we know that these twins are ready to pick there first new member (and practicly only member who has signded up to the compatision)............


chloe: okay barbiefan all members do somthing  we determin what the task is depending on there part in the band since yours is singing

(like nikki) you will write a song and plus to see how good you and nikki work together you will write the song together (which is probaly a good 10 because she practicly begged me  to let you in the band!)

nikki: did not! I was exited for our first person who wanted  to be in the band and plus barbiefan said she had experiance the last member who had experiance was kayla and she moved  on our first year as a real band!!!  dont listen to her barbiefan she is jelly she is not the one with a new partner!

chloe: yeah close im glad i dont have to sing anymore so your doing me a favor barbiefan! im more of an instrament girl nikki is too but she loves to sing!!!

anyway you have a choice barbiefan you have a choice to use your KS name as your band name or use a diff name most likley dont use ur real name if your choosing a diff name here is a link to a post me and nikki did on choosing your black rose name:

good luck
commented Apr 5 by LunaLight (128,370 points)
I'm surprised. Knight usually goes by l0st s0uth or I'm kanye. Queeny is Queeny. They're relatively popular on here though THEY NEED TO BE ONLINE MORE.
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answered Apr 1 by Barbie fan201
I do music at school and would love to be in the band because a:I get to work with other people and b:I want to be a singer when i grow up and finally ! I hope you pick me if not I won't be disappointed from barbiefan201

wow barbiefan its nikki (chloe is practing the guitar so its just me) anyway you seem like the perfect type for our band and lucky for you we have  a new spot for a singer so i hope chloe agrees with me when i say   so want you in the band  plus it gets kinda weird for chloe when she sings with me so for me its a yes Ill talk to chloe about this and if she says yes then me and you will be singing together!!! I hope chloe says yes!!! 

I will come back with her anwser tomorrow! 


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