Racism (Change My Mind)

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asked Apr 2 in Debate by TomBoyFoxGrl (4,620 points)
I know everyone has different opinions okay. Why is it only racist if you say something rude to a black person but if you call a white person a cracker it's not I mean *BLEEP* y'all that ain't right. Why are people saying slavery  is racist if you are talking about "Down South" I mean yeah it is racist for another race to do that but what about in the other countries remeber "Irish Slaves" yeah. I swear people be talking and teaching some crazy "BLEEP* on earth. Why are kids taught that slavery is the only racist thing I know you think kids cant handle "The Truth". I mean when I was in 5th grade I had this exact conversation with her:

Teacher: The dogs (black people) were happy they yipped and barked Slavery is not racist racism is just a lie any questions

Me:Umm Africans were beat and overworked and were treated like dogs I find it wrong that you call them dogs also racism is some-

Teacher: Listen here mutt your going to shut okay you are a mutt and I dont know what your poop colored father is telling but it ain't true

Oh god was I mad I litterly sat there and cried also that day I went home early and got suspended for "UNECASARY Abuse To Superiors" so just try to change my mind


                                   CHANGE MY MIND PEOPLE

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answered Apr 2 by LunaLight (128,200 points)
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I can agree with you. I want to show the definition of racism here for a second-

noun: racism

the belief that different races possess distinct characteristics, abilities, or qualities, especially so as to distinguish them as inferior or superior to one another."

That's the legitimate Oxford definition of the word. In other words, thinking a specific color of people to be any specific thing, especially to be worse or better than another or all other races. So according to the real definition here, wouldn't that mean that believing in white privilege is the exact definition? Believing in white privilege means that you believe that white people possess certain privileges, or abilities, that other races do not, making them appear superior. Am I wrong? That literally corresponds directly to the definition. White privilege doesn't exist, it doesn't. It's America, we've all got the same rights, read the constitution. It never says white people have anything. No law in America has anything to do with race except anti-discrimination laws. And guess what? Anti-discrimination laws aren't in favor of the straight white male. If they are in favor of anyone, it would be the opposite. So there are no actual laws that are different for different people except maybe anti-discriminatory laws. Alright? So if racism and yadda yadda aren't physical law issues, they are psychological issues. Psychological issues like this are typically one set of people who are the victim (we'll say black people just because they are the main representation of the victim in racism), and one set of people who are the offenders (since white people are in that situation, we'll say white people). The victim demands revenge for their treatment and they build up hatred for the offender unless the offender pays. The offender, in this case, wouldn't have necessarily done anything wrong except genetically have a specific skin color, white. So the offender would feel wrongly accused since all they would have done is be born and live. So the offender would get defensive and build up hatred for the victim. Since in this case, the offender would be accused of hating and not liking the victim for no reason, this just builds up non-stop hatred. Some people in the offender spot would pull a witch trial confession, which is to say, they would falsely confess to what they are accused of. This could be because of the tension and pressure, or just to try and settle the argument even if it's wrong. Another reason I call it a witch trial confession is because in the witch trials if you confessed one time and were put on trial again, they had more "evidence" against you since you had been a "witch" before. And so, the victim uses the witch trial confessions as more evidence against the offender. The offender will turn on itself because some are under false confession and won't admit it, and others are still pleading innocent to it. Some of the victim may also turn on itself because a few of them will be able to see what's happening and they will confess to not having actually been a part of it. The offender will use the victim confessions as leverage for the victim. So you have the victim and offender, both caught in their own loops, and some of the ones from each will switch over to the other side. Neither side will win with logic. It's impossible to win with that kind of logic because it's a psychological loop that doesn't end unless both sides want to take in new information, which they often don't. So, it's a draw, right? Nope. Unfortunately, in situations like that, no one will forgive the other because of all of the hatred that breeds from the two. The victim won't forgive the offender, the offender won't forgive the victim, they'll hate each other so much that they will resort to what all unkept hatred turns into, physical fighting, or in larger cases with more people, war. In which the winner will not matter. If the offender wins, the loop doesn't change, the victim still feels like the victim, they still blame the offender, the loop will continue after a while. If the victim wins, they will have the revenge they want, but the offender's hatred breeds so much worse, and the roles either switch or the loop continues. Of course, there is a third role, which includes all other races, but they would just pick sides. It's a like self-fulfilling prophecy. There are only two ways to break a self-fulfilling prophecy. 1. You make a bigger self-fulfilling prophecy around it. I doubt that would happen here. Or 2. Someone outside of the prophecy intervenes. In this case, it's the people who can recognize the victim and offender's states of mind and try to stop it. 

commented Apr 3 by TomBoyFoxGrl (4,620 points)
*BLEEP* girl that's a long *BLEEP* answer you have almost changed my mind. Good job
commented Apr 3 by knight but cant put knight
Agreed. Also yes that's super long LOL
commented Apr 3 by LunaLight (128,200 points)
Lol, I'm passionate, what can I say?
commented Apr 4 by Pumpkin (705,830 points)
please stop saying *Bleep*, It's very annoying.
commented Apr 4 by TomBoyFoxGrl (4,620 points)
*is annoyed* Pumpkin if you thinks its annoying why would you get involved
commented Apr 4 by LunaLight (128,200 points)
TBFG, he does that
commented Apr 5 by Ammy-k (41,370 points)
Still, I think saying “bleep” all the time is a bit annoying, and makes it hard for people to take you seriously.

Also, Luna, you should know that you can’t accuse someone of something based off of something completely unrelated that they’ve done before.

I know I’m butting in to the conversation, but I think I should say this.

(Sorry for grammar and spelling mistakes.)
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answered Apr 28 by Just a smart enfp
White people arent attacked for being white lol, sometimes they are by literal teenagers but yall ain’t getting hate crimes for being white
commented Apr 28 by TomBoyFoxGrl (4,620 points)
tbh I've been attecked before for not being completely black more like it was for being white but overall yeah i agree
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answered Apr 5 by 500 iq (230 points)
The reason why it is worse to call a black person the N-word (I assumed you were talking about the N-word since it is the most famous one) versus calling a white person a cracker is because the N-word is a historically powerful word, even today, especially compared to cracker since the majority of white people view the N-word as far more offensive than cracker. Cracker is more comparable to red-neck. The reason for this is white privilege since cracker has never been used oppressively against white people whereas black people have been oppressed by the N-word for centuries. That is the difference between the words and why one holds more power than the other.
commented Apr 5 by LunaLight (128,200 points)
They're both racist slurs, though I can agree somewhat that the N-word holds more power.

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