Before I down in a tsunami of questions (again)...

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First, KidzSearch, please do not block out take down this post. What follows is intended for the public to see, and, while it may contain some elements that have in the past been removed, there is nothing inappropriate or disturbing. Some users may become mildly stressed at what is provided towards the end, but you have previously listed what is accepted and allowed to be posted, and the topic briefly mentioned there was included. Just please do not block or take down this post.  That said, I'll try to keep this brief for you all.

I already know that people will be asking about me, mainly because there have been dozens of both public posts and private messages about my disappearance already. And while I am not completely comfortable with giving out the details, I will indeed share the basics of what has happened.

First, my activity became limited several weeks ago when the tablet that I was using was one again needed by my mom. 

After that, I continued my "K-S-ing" (Okay, that sounded wrong, like, the sort of elementary teasing wrong. Moving on...), but on the computer. I used the time of breaks in-between my online classes to do things here. I was still active, but not nearly as much.

Then, I became restricted to nothing but the classes, and was moved into my parent's bedroom to do my work, all day, every day. I was no longer able to be on KS at all. That was pretty much when I stopped my activity and became inactive.


Things between my dad and I just kept getting worse. 

One morning, I took the wolf-beast-thing outside, but before doing so, noticed that one of the doors was open. We had not used it for weeks. However, about two months before, it came open and we could not figure out why it was such. So when I saw this and went back upstairs to report it to my dad, he, instinctively, refused to believe me. (Don't ask why. That's just his logic.) When he saw me next (about an hour later), he insisted that I was lying. I, truthfully, told him that the door was, indeed, open. "You're lying." "It was open!" "You're lying." Now take those three dialogs and repeat them for about seven hours. That's pretty much what happened. Like every other day, we aren't all day doing this. What was not like every other day, though, was what I did about two hours into this game. [removed]


commented Apr 7 by kidzsearch (159,960 points)
Sorry, but we had to remove the end of your post. We don't want other kids doing the same thing, since it is obviously not safe. You really need to talk with a trusted teacher or adult for help.
commented Apr 8 by kiki'[[[[[
oooooooooooo good one i'm 9

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answered Apr 8 by JD2005
I'm curious about the last part... :O
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answered Apr 7 by ~Ash~ (89,490 points)
Wb Duke.
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I'm very curious about the end of the post. Given KS's comment, I think I can guess somewhat of what happened, but I'm still curious. I do agree with what they said though. You need to find some help out of your situation Duke. If it gets bad enough, there is the option of calling CPS, which you can do anonymously. The wolf-dog alone counts as dangerous living conditions. Especially inside. Although, I would recommend finding a safe place in your house as well because if you contact CPS, there could be gaps still where you are at home with your dad knowing that someone contacted CPS. Given how you've described your dad, you will want to find a room in your house with locks on all doors and you'll want to hide there. CPS can't actually come into the home without a court order, so your dad could prevent them from entering until then, which I don't doubt he will. CPS would legally be allowed to get you out of your home for at least a certain number of hours. They'd likely ask you questions and such. I seriously recommend reporting to them if you are actively in danger. 

As for your recent disappearance, welcome back Duke.

commented Apr 10 by DukeSilver (6,740 points)
Thanks. I’d tell you, but I know that it’d be taken down again.

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