whats your fav art styel

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asked Apr 8 in Artist Directories by yay :D

Mine is kwawi people  soooooo cuteeee :D

commented 2 days ago by creativecat
ya mean kawaii?

3 Answers

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answered 2 days ago by creativecat

Any style of anime!yay

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answered Apr 14 by *Roll*
Mine is like half cartoon half anime style, i don't really know how to explain it. XD
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answered Apr 8 by LunaLight (128,200 points)
Kawaii (what I assume you meant to spell) isn't necessarily an art style as much as an adjective for describing cutesy art since "kawaii" is literally the Japanese word for "cute". That said, I'm assuming you mean cutesy anime, and maybe Chibi since "Kawaii" isn't really used a lot other than in anime and by anime fans.


Now, I probably would say my favorite art genre is somewhere between semi-realism and like, maybe shojo (sub-genre of anime). It's fun to draw and typically looks pretty good visually as well.
commented Apr 14 by *Roll*
cool! Can you suggest any websites with that style of art that I can draw off of? I've been really into drawing and wan't to explore new styles.
commented Apr 14 by LunaLight (128,200 points)
Well, for drawing anime, AnimeOutline is a good start. The only drawback with it is that it is very standard and doesn't really show you how to develop your own style. That said, it's really good for learning to draw. Another website is DrawingRef. It's got references of all sorts and a couple of tutorials here and there. It doesn't have many references, but the ones it does have are really good. Some are anime, some are semi, a couple is chibi, some are cartoon, some are realistic.
commented 1 day ago by creativecat

Your'e so intelligent, Luna! I like you!yay

commented 1 day ago by LunaLight (128,200 points)
Why thank you!

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