boys i need some help!

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asked Apr 15 in Personal by luke for life
sup guys! ive got a problem, see im not sure if you heard but theres this band on here called the black roses with chloe and nikki, well nikki and i have known each other since we were 5! and well im starting to think of nikki more than a freind... im saying i have a crush on nikki! im not sure if i should tell her i mean i like her a lot! and i wanna ask her out but what if she says no im not sure what to do!!! i mean im in love with this girl guys and i want her to know that but i dont know how to tell her!!



can you guys pls anwser quickly
commented Apr 15 by luke for life

p.s nikki if your looking at this um well act like you did not see it intil i bring it up


commented Apr 28 by zoe zoe

dude the girl loves you she is going  insane she shreiked nikki dont do that i should know she is my big sister!!!

matter a fact she is staring at her phone like its a red and black eletric guitar!!

you bbetter call that girl she is eating 17 pepers not jsust any peppers ther

ghost peppers or as chloe calls them 
pimientos fantasmas 

   hurry dude 

commented Apr 28 by luke for life
im calling iim calling for and 8 year old you take nikk's side alot

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answered Apr 28 by Ammy-k (41,910 points)
What in the world is happening?
commented Apr 30 by luke 4 life
nikki is doing a dare for her blog on flipgrid called dare princess she is going to eat 17 of one the most hottest peppers

pimientos fantasmas or as you americans say ghost peppers i mean nikks has done some crazy dares but come on 17 peppers!!?? And the thing is she is going to do it in any minute so in about 5 min ill be back with nikki i hope nikks hasent eaten the pimientos fantasmas yet!!! wish me luck i better bring milk lots of it+ =
commented Apr 30 by luke 4 life
ok were back nikki didn't eat the peppers thank goodness and heres the thing.....
commented May 1 by Ammy-k (41,910 points)
I'm just wondering why you, Nikki, AND Chloe all type in almost the exact same style.
commented May 3 by luke 4 life
we know!!!!  1 the twns and zoey are sisters so yeah me and nikk grew up together i didnt go to school for a while but nikki did so she taught me okay we know we type the same so can people quite reminding us that??
commented May 3 by black roses nikki
what ,luke is trying to say is that we know we type the same and we have a reason and we really find it a little um personal because well we have our reasons luke didn't go to school so i did the first thing i did when i came home was teach him what i learned. see we didn't live in the best town... we were judged cuz well since were latino in a all blanco (look that word up) town well we were treated different the reason i went cuz they thought i looked a bit like them... i had to learn english which im still a little bad at but yeah we did what we had to do where we came from five year olds had to work and give most of the money to our parents luke didn't go to school cuz he had to work,,, i on the other hand wanted to work still but my mom had me go to school for everyone else so we find that stuff touchy thats why luke went off. i hope you understand
commented May 3 by Ammy-k (41,910 points)
I'll try to believe you, it's just that this is the internet, and there are lots of people who don't tell the truth. It's pretty easy to lie. From everything you've said, I'm a bit hesitant trust you, but I'll just take your word for it for now.
commented May 4 by black roses nikki

i know right i try to tell zoey that because people will pretend to be some one in a minute!!

its a shamestupid

so it soo get  it

but i found this ppost yesterdaay i was wondering if you had anything to do with this?

ive been trying to find this person who is starting these rumors all day now!! #borrringyawning

here is the  link

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answered Apr 22 by luke 4 life
ok  guys i just asked nikki yesterday she said yes!!!
commented Apr 23 by Helpfulteengirl
Awesome! I was going to answer ,but I,be never been in love,or had a crush
commented Apr 26 by luke for life
new problem!!!!!! well i was thinking i could go further with nikki now you know?
but what if she says no what if she wants to stay freinds?? I mean i thought it should be easy cuz i know nikki very good! but its not i was going to ask her at the end of the date and then i freaked out and ended up giving her a flower that barly had any petles on it (long story) she probally thinkss im a dork i mean what could a smart funny girl like nikki want with run down city guy like me?? the girl plays basketball is in a band AND can sing!!
i mean we just started as freinds then we grew up together i mean as a kid we were just freinds  to me she was just a girl i mean how can a tomboy be so pretty tho she hates when people says she is pretty and i understand why people say that! i mean have u seen a girl who can pull off a dress and a pair of sneakers i mean in a girls world thats against the rules but nikki.... she is like a tomboy who is pretty who can break rules easily and has a wicked since of humor HOW OH HOW am i gonna ask her to be mine face to face???
help meeeeee again nikkki if you see this dont be mad...
commented Apr 27 by go go jojo

dude nikki posted this not too long ago click link\\

omg  me nikki from black roses

commented Apr 27 by AnimalCrossingFan
Oh, just be yourself. If you've been friends for a long time maybe she will say yes. But other then that be yourself.

commented Apr 28 by luke for life

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