can you add love story by taylor swift on kidztube?

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asked Apr 18 in KidzTube Requests by anonymous

no ideas for more information


3 Answers

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answered Apr 19 by Llama Girl (1,860 points)



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answered Apr 19 by JD2005
It's a sweet song. :)
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answered Apr 19 by kidzsearch (161,930 points)

We added some of her family-friendly videos.

commented Apr 19 by JD2005
Hey KS, can you please add some Alan Walker MVs? I went to KidzTube today, and when I searched for them, all I could find were some covers and unofficial lyric videos. All of his MVs are family-friendly, and follow a sci-fi based storyline. Also, very few of his songs have bad words, so I think you should definitely add some. Thanks in advance! :)
commented Apr 19 by anonymous
ok! thanks!

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