Hi Chloe, Nikki, and Zoe Zoe! I have a Q&A for you!

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asked Apr 23 in Random Posts by News-0-Matic


I was hoping to do a post about you for my first KS news post if that would be okay. If not, I understand just let me know. Anyway I have a Q&A. If any of them make you feel uncomfortable then don’t share. I completely understand. Each of you can answer each question. 

Anyway, let’s start!

  • How old are each of you?
  • Do you have any hobbies?
  • Who is your favorite singer? 
  • What is your favorite book? 
  • Favorite color?
  • Do you drink Starbucks drinks? (Follow up, what is your favorite drink?)
  • Thoughts on board games
If there is anything else you want to add feel free! 
Anyways, thanks! 
By the way I am NOT  the real “News-O-Matic” company. :D
commented Apr 26 by black roses nikki and chloe

zoe zoe: ill just anwser my q & a sepretly guys like after yours

nikki and chloe:  ok.... 

nikki: im 16

chloe: im 16

nikki: well other then  music mine is throwing parties doing crazy dares and making alot of noise

chloe: mine is reading cooking and planting

nikki: oooh this is a good one i dont think anybody has asked us this!!

chloe: no  they havn't

nikki: well my personal fave is lilhuddy who actually the only dude who can  pull off wearing nothing but leather and still rock!!! or jonas brothers

chloe: sorry about her she is all about the noise anyway mine would be bruno mars or john legend

nikki: chloe u okay?

chloe: booookS!!! *squeeels*

nikki; ok... mine would be twilight saga the girl who  drank the moon and as long as were together and lastly dork diaries, and do comics count? what i like to read too! chloe you ready? (she gets a lil hype over books)

chloe: hey watch it! mine would be peter pan dear dumb diary and... comics

nikki: neon colors pink red black gold silver and.... GLLITTER COLORS!!!

chloe: its just glitter nikks

nikki: no it glitter colors!!!

chloe: whateves mine be royal blue

chloe: nikks is still hype ill take the next turn. no i dont drink starbucks i drink dunkin!

but nikks loves starbucks she cant live without her coffee or she get cranky she has a cup of coffee right now. nikki what are u drinking cuz i know its your fave

nikki: Winnie-the-Pooh Frappuccino its just so cute and delish!

chloe: dunkin is better...

nikki: board games huh?


chloe and nikki: CANDY LAND yup

chloe"its zoe zoe's turn 

her parts under ours in a comment she wwants a "her own spot light"


commented Apr 26 by zoe zoe
zoe zoe: hello hmmm first one let do this!!

me im 8 and pretty fun for my age mom says i get that from nikki and my brains come from chloe.

well hobbies im great at basketball nikki showed me how to play

fave singer? jojo siwa or taylor swift most likly jojo siwa

diary of a wimpy kid is my fave book


chloe: what is up with u guys and litter colorss???

zoe zoe: hey this is my spotlight!! yes i do drink starbucks every morning we get me a Babyccino yummmm.

board games im usally just say CANDY LANd  but i wanna share my thoughts the twins didnt say there thinking well cuz it ends in aruements but my thinking is there great even during this crises like in the bible god split only  a few fish and a loaf of bread and fed over 60 people twice he worked with what he had and thats what me and my sister do.


well this was fun!!

chloe and nikki: how did you like your first interveiw?

zoe zoe: great


commented Apr 26 by mr cheese

regular_smilehi i am new to dis website

commented Apr 27 by Thalia
Hey I,m kind of new welcome to kidztalk
commented Apr 29 by black roses nikki and chloe
well welcome were chloe nikki and zoey

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