Magics undertale adventure game (inspired by gemmy)

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asked Apr 25 in Games / Toys by magicharrypottergal (21,740 points)

Ok so this is an adventure game were you will take on the role of a human who fell into the underground Your adventure begins Now! oh.. You need to create your player first (if you make your real life self please do not comment your character  


Hair style and colour:





 1.You where just about to turn on your switch to play undertale for the first time! and thought about all the epic characters  you could befriend! - but then there was a BANG -BANG -BANG at your bedroom door    I forgot.. You thought to yourself  while your friend (you create name) was about to slam open the  door so hard it would shatter into 10,000 little pieces  so you opened it in fear she would do that  Hey! ( Your characters name) I'm so excited to climb mount ebbot today! Are you? 

A: You shrugged with a smile

B: You weren't that excited but it was an adventure so!

C: You pretended to be super excited

If you chose A stay on this paragraph

2.You shrug and smile "Thats the spirit!" Your friend says happily  we should go and get our gear now

So you go and get your gear! 


Option B 

'' An adventure never hurt anyone!'' You thought BUt BeFoRe YOu KnEw IT yOu WHeRe LiStENing TO SKiPpY ThE KaNgArOO SAvE LiL TImmY YOU DIED
Option C 
Yay! I'm so excited  you said in your happiest voice   not so Fast! Said your bff i can see right through those emotions of yours!  You are lying! But we're going anyway she was pulling you out to get gear     Stay tuned for part 2!

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