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The Best is Yet to Come is a really great song. Luna introduced it to me and it’s so beautiful. The singer made several mistakes throughout the song, but they didn’t correct it because they are stating that their mistakes have a purpose. Thoughts?

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It's a beautiful song, it truly is. For others, here's a basic summary of the verses and chorus (minus the first verse which is a little mature but not much)-


Verse 2-

Basically, the singer, as a teenager I assume, stole some alcohol and went with his friends to a lake. He got drunk and high and ended up majorly upsetting his stomach.

Verse 3-

He was nervous or graduating, showed up too late, his mom got mad and his dad laughed because he did that too.


If the singer could go back to those moments, he still wouldn't change them. He learned from his mistakes when he was younger and knows the best is yet to come


Pretty much live life without regret, try for your wildest dreams, you might get hurt and fall, but you'll learn from your mistakes, it's all worth it when you make it.

"Oh! Go for it, run toward it, dive in headfirst!
Live life with no regret!
Put your heart out there, don't be scared, you might get hurt,
But it's all worth it in the end!
'Cause the best is yet to come."


The song is kind of a softer rock in the beginning and drifts to harder rock towards the end. It's beautiful, it's one of my favorite songs. (btw, it's by Hinder)
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