Chapter 1 of The Way Home a co-op with my BFF

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Chapter 1


As you can tell, my name is Bynx. I am a siberian husky and my person is Mia and I think she is about 9, in human years. She is amazing and always smells like freshly baked cookies, she isn’t my only person, but she’s the only one who feeds me bacon and bits of dinner, so I like her best. We are in the car, driving to our vacation, which happens to be the best in the whole world. We are going skiing! I am sitting in the back of the car, panting. Mia sits in the second row, playing on her square screen doohickey. 

“ Awww, Bynx, you wanna play on my iPad too?” Mia cooes, rubbing her hand between my furry ears. That's what it is, and IPood. 

Humans like Mia are lucky, they can change their fur to any length, shape, or color they want, while I am stuck in a very thick, gray coat of fur. It makes me sweat like crazy when the heating is on, and  since humans get cold easily, the heat is always on. We live in Anchorage, Alaska, and we are driving to Fairbanks, Alaska for our annual skiing trip. Anchorage gets pretty cold, but we like it better in Fairbanks, since skiing is always more fun. 

“ Bynx, get in the back.” Dad orders. He sits in the front driving seat, and has both hands on the driving wheel thingy. 

I whine and go back into the luggage area. I settle on top of Mia’s fluffy blanket and fall asleep to Mia petting me. 


A jerk in the road wakes me up, and I look up to see a huge mountain staring me down.  Mia is munching on a hamburger with fries from a red box with an ‘M’ on it, and Mom and Dad have switched places. I crawl between the two captain chairs and sneak a fry from Mia’s lap. 

“ Bynx!” Mia laughs, “Silly puppy.” 

I gulp down the fry and try to sneak one more, but this time Mia’s hand blocks me. 

“ No, no, no.” Mia says, waving a finger at me. She looks at her parents, who are distracted, and then hands me a fry. “ Okay, but only one more.” 

I gleefully eat it, and howl with sadness when Mia pours my actual food into my dog bowl. I stare at the dog food, very confused. Why doesn’t Mia just give me more fries? They taste better. I try to get another fry, since I refuse to eat the dog food, but this time Mia doesn’t cave. 

“ You have dog food, that's what good doggies eat, do you wanna be a good doggy?”

I hear the word ‘good doggy’ and know exactly what she means. Maybe, if I eat this disgusting substance, I get another fry! 

I choke it down and then sit at Mia’s feet, pleading for my reward. 

“ Good boy!” She congratulates, handing me her last fry. Mia taps her lap and I jump on it, earning a “Oof!” from Mia. Only my front paws and head fit on her lap, since I am such a big dog. 

“ We will be out of the car soon, right dad?”

“ Oh yes, only about 2 more hours.” Dad replies. 

Yes! Only two more hours in this small little car. It’s actually not that small, since we managed to fit about a bajillion suitcases in here, but not as big as Dardo’s. Dardo is the stuck up, and mean dog at the dog park. He takes my favorite rock, which I found, and growls at me. He always brags about how he has this car called a limousine, which he claims is the best car in the world. Bleck. 

I turn my attention back to Mia, who is now looking at her ipood. Her head music strings are singing (how in the world can they fit a person inside those tiny things?), and her head is rested on the headrest. 

Her Ipood  beeps and she presses a button. Her face is reflected on it, and then it minimizes and another person’s face is displayed. 

“Hi Dawn.” Mia exclaims, waving her hand to the person. 

Then I realize who it is. It’s Dawn!! I love Dawn! She is so nice and she also feeds me food from under the dinner table whenever they have a pupdate (Mia calls it a sleepover, but pupdate sounds better).

“Hey Mia, when are you getting here?” Dawn always comes on our ski vacations with us because her dad runs the Flurry Ski Resort and he takes Dawn with him.

“Dad says about 2 hours.” Mia replies. 

“2 hours? That's like, two hours with Adrian alone on the slopes! No way!” 

I snort. Ugh. Adrian. Adrian is Dawn's little brother, and he is so annoying. He always rumples my fur, and gets it all slimy with his spit. He also tugs my tail and ears. HARD.

“Seems like Bynx isn’t happy about it either.” Mia laughs and tilts the camera towards me. I see Dawn and lick the Ipood, but I don't smell Dawn’s normal campfire scent, instead I smell metal. Eww. 

“Aww, Bynx. We will get to see each other soon.” Dawn smiles. 

“Have you gone on Bunny yet?” 

“No, not yet. I’m waiting for you.” Mia, Dawn, and I all named each skiing slope. Our favorite one is Bunny, since we found it when I went off chasing a rabbit. 

“ Hopefully we find more rabbits.” Mia says with a sly grin. 

“ Yeah.” I hear someone calling Dawn’s name in the background of her picture. “ Sorry, I have to go. Hotel duties.” 

“ Okay, see you soon.” Dawn’s face disappears from the screen, and Mia sets her Ipood down. 


A squeal from Mia makes me rip my eyes open. I look out the window and see it. Flurry Ski Resort. Mia attaches the leash to my collar, which she gave to me for my 1st birthday a couple days ago, and opens the car door. I leap out and we run over to the snow. Mia lets me play in it, but then we have to go inside. Flurry Ski Resort is dog friendly, so you are allowed to let your dogs up on the bed, and in the shower. We walk up to Dawn’s owner’s suite and knock on the door. 

“ Come in!” Dawn's reply comes a bit later. 

Mia bursts through the door and runs up to Dawn. They hug and I try to join in on the action by placing my front paws on Dawn’s chest and accidentally knocking her over. 

“ Hi Bynx!” Dawn cooes, rubbing my belly and scratching all the spots that feel amazing. 

I start panting and lick Dawn's face. Dawn laughs. I play with her straight blonde hair, and kinda tangle it. Oops. 

Dawn stands back up, and leads us to our room. We get a master’s suite, one of the top notch rooms, since we are friends with the owners of the Resort. 

“ Here you go.” Dawn hands Mia the keys and we go in. it's the same room we get every year, but I am still amazed. It has three full size beds, A waterfall drinking fountain for dogs, and a huge floor to ceiling window overlooking the mountain. 

Mia, Mom, and Dad plop down all their bags, and Dawn leaves us to unpack. 


It is about 6 o’clock when we finish, which is also the time Flurry Ski Resort closes. 

“ Can we go now? Pleaaaase?” Mia asks excitedly. 

“ Sorry, it's getting too dark,” Mom replies sadly. “ But tomorrow.” 

“ Mmmmmmoooooom,” Mia whines 

“ Honey, that's why the park closes so early, it gets too dark and becomes dangerous.” 

“ Finnnne, but promise me we will be the first to get out tomorrow?” 

Mom nods. “Okay.” 

Mia and I go down to the dining hall and we eat dinner. I am pleased when Dawn and Mia both give me some of their steak, and even happier when Dad drops half of his on the floor. 

“ Bynx!” Dad complains, picking back up his slobber-filled steak. “Nevermind, you can have it.” 

I bark happily and gobble the rest down. 

    When night falls, we all head back to our room. Mia changes into her pajamas, and brushes her teeth. I crawl into bed with her and Mia rests her head on my neck. 

“ Good boy Bynxie.” Mia mumbles. 

I watch as she falls asleep, and her body falls limp against mine. I curl into a circle, and with Mia’s warmth right beside me, I fall asleep. 


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