Thought of writing a story........................

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asked May 4 in Author Adventures Club by Reader (7,600 points)

I think I would make a story. I'm good at writing but the only problem is that I can't choose proper names :( 

Can you help me name the characters? 

The characters are:

A small girl of 10

Small girl's boy twin of 10

A girl of 12

Girl's boy triplet 1 of 12

Girl's boy triplet 2 of 12

Triplets' neighbor of 10

Neighbor's girl twin of 10

Note: Normal names are okay. Please note that Neighbor is a boy. And also I didn't yet name the book and I'll be doing it after I've written at least a bit of the story...

                                                             THANK YOU!!

                                                                                                By, Reader..............sparkles


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answered May 4 by LunaLight (129,090 points)
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I usually use for stuff like that. Their generators are typically pretty good, plus they have one that is specifically for twins. Plus it's got town name generators, songs, story titles, etc. Unfortunately, my favorite name-generating website (nameberry's NameHunter) no longer has its generator but is supposedly making a new one. But NameGenerator is the best one I can find currently. 

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Thanks, Luna. The NameGenerator's awesome! So cool names.....
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answered May 4 by ~Ash~ (89,550 points)
1. Liliana

2. Lucas

3. Jenna

4. Jack

5. Jason

6. Braden

7. Bianca
commented May 4 by Thalia
Why do all the twin names have to rythm
commented May 4 by ~Ash~ (89,550 points)
They don’t rhyme :)
commented May 5 by Reader (7,600 points)
Anyway, they're nice!
commented May 5 by Reader (7,600 points)

Thanks for the names, ~Ash~ and Thaila...... I've made the summary of the story and started writing it. I have to finish it and then post it here hai

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answered May 4 by Thalia
Taylor morvin

Tyson morvin




Elijah  stone

Eliza stone

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