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Hello, if you are not an arianator or you have no idea what that means, I suggest you go back to feeding your dog, or doing your homework. What I’m going to talk about is scary (*wink*). Just kidding, but this might be boring for you (it's pretty long) if you don’t like Ariana Grande. Anyways..I’ll show u girls my favorite albums, and my favorite songs from each album.


  1. Thank, U, Next (Album)

This album makes me cry, because it’s horribly painful though sometimes it can be upbeat, the lyrics will be amazingly sad. It’s very emotional, and deep, it’s like Ariana Grande’s diary. Sometimes it can be simple. The lyrics can be understandable. The music can sometimes be sporty and hip-hop, sometimes dark, sometimes modern. It’s a perfect mixture. It’s a masterpiece. Though, 7 Rings can become too mature, and so can Bad Idea. Ari needs to turn down the volume.


Best Songs: In My Head, Thank U, Next, Needy, Break up with your gf, I’m Bored, NASA, Imagine

Worst  Songs: (These songs aren’t bad, just average)  7 Rings, (2/4, average)  Bad Idea (a bit better than 7 Rings)

Good Because: It’s Emotional

Bad Because: Because sometimes it can be too mature, and Ariana should keep it a bit less mature.


2. Yours Truly (Album)

I don’t know why, but this album is so underrated. It’s perfect! It’s just simple and happy, it’s the opposite of Thank, U, Next, (I know it’s funny, I like Thank, U, Next but I also like the opposite of it), but it’s like Thank, U, Next because it can be simple pop but like a diary. It’s just simple and good for happy days. It can also be sad sometimes, not...dark-sad but like, violin, nursery rhyme, it’s raining-day sad. Why is this not no.1? Cuz, Ariana isn’t really independent, the collabs she makes like “The Way” and “Popular Song” drown out her voice by other singers. She can also sometimes take things waaay back to the past, but that 50’s piano stuff (like Tattooed Heart) isn’t popular anymore. 


Best Songs: Honeymoon Avenue, Right There, Baby I, Almost is Never Enough

Worst Songs: (These songs aren’t bad, just average): Tattooed Heart, The Way, Popular Song, Piano 

Good Because: It’s simple!

Bad Because: Ari’s collaboration with other singers drown out her voice, and some of the songs like Tattooed Heart are too..50’s.


3. Positions (Album)

I like this album just because it’s comfortable and modern. It reminds me of air, the sky, it’s soul music, which is good, but I would call this album a bit average, because I like Soul, but Ari vocalizes too much, then Soul is supposed to be like. And songs like 34+35 aren't supposed to be so s*xual, because they sound very orchestrual and disney (instrumentally) but lyrically the lyrics don't match to the instruments, it's too s*xual.


Best Songs: Positions, Motive, POV

Worst Songs: (Not bad just average) 34+35

Good Because: It’s modern and fresh, it’s soul!

Bad Because: Ariana vocalizes more than she’s supposed to. And songs like 34+35 can be too se*ual, though instrumentally it’s very orchestral and Disney.


4. Sweetener (Album)

Sweetener is just sparkle, sparkle. It’s sweet and dreamy. Clouds in the air. That’s why it’s call “Sweet”ener.  It can be dark like Thank, U, Next but it’s not as much. Though, I don’t like how plain some songs can be, no offense, that’s how “No Tears Left to Cry” is. 


Best Songs: R.E.M, The Light is Coming, Breathin’

Worst Songs: No Tears Left to Cry

Good Because: It’s sweet and dreamy

Bad Because: It can be plain


5. Dangerous Woman (Album)

I like this because it’s…”ON FIRE”!!!! Woo hoo!! Stay Strong!!!! Anyways, it’s similar to “My Everything”, the reason I have this for no.5 cuz it’s just like a “This Is Ariana Grande” playlist playing on your Spotify. It’s just overrated. 

Best Songs: Dangerous Woman, Into You

Worst Songs: Side to Side

Good Because: It’s upbeat, strong, and on FIRE!!!

Bad Because: Overrated 


6. My Everything (Album)

Uhh..well, I don’t really have much to say about this album, I put it for no.6 (that means I don’t like it) I’ll tell you why. It’s just cuz Ariana Grande isn’t Jazz and EDM is it? I think Ari just first-tried this, to “Break Free” (loll, one of her My Everything songs is Break Free) from her childish Nickelodeon reputation. She didn’t work much on it. One Last Time is terribly horrible, it’s nothing like Ariana. It’s too melancholy, not like “Thank, U, Next” or “Almost is Never Enough” melancholy, like Shawn Mendes type. It’s just boring. It’s just bad.


Best Songs: Love Me Harder, Break Free (eh..not good not bad, Break Free’s average)

Worst Songs: One Last Time, Problem, My Everything

Good Because: Ari is getting out of her Cat Valentine costume

Bad Because: Ari took too much for her first try putting an EDM, Jazz and Melancholy Shawn Mendes type, which isn’t what our Queen is supposed to do. It doesn't match Ariana's theme/type.


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