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asked May 8 in Other by Crystal-Arianator (25,020 points)

Guys, and girls, it's kinda annoying now, and it causes debates, someone has a "Girls Only" post, whatever, mind your own business, I thought we have all gotten used to it by now. You don't have to tell people everything that's on your mind. Sometimes you just gotta ignore people. Sure, I hate rude kids now, but kids are rude every day. Something might seem rude, someone might say something rude, WTH? Stop being so bossy and complaining that it's rude, sure, stand up for your self, but not in such small problems. You all gotta stop, and it's getting very annoying. This is the same thing with that "Jane" problem, Jane did nothing, even though in some posts, she's saying nothing too personal, you still keep raging and raging and complaining. Jane, no offense, (Ur not rude anymore) but kids can be like this these days, OK??!!! Mind your own business, I'm sorry if this post is rude, but I don't wanna here from u people after this warning.  Also, L e t s c h a t t o d a y 1 2 3 4 5  ur also causing a big problem here and I want you to STOP it please. It's really annoying how you complain so much so STOP IT. (No offense)

I know I was being pretty rude here, and how dare you point that out, if you do I'm gonna ask you if you even read what this whole post was about. (No Offense again) 

So, you girls and guys SHUT UP or get out.

commented May 8 by Thalia
Was I being rude?
commented May 8 by carissy9
I don't like rude ppl. Either put ur not the boss of them we all get to do whatever we want u just gotta ignore them if u don't like them! I'm sorry if I'm being mean but I hate it when I'm mean ok? So try not to get all tense I understand you but remember your not the god and either am I and either is anyone  so let others do what they want its not ur problem and not mine either  we all are beautiful in our own way , you see when people get me mad I go crazy I would find their location on a website and go beat them up but I don't do that anymore I once found a website where a girl was being mean and  rude to me I went one website to find her location and I beat her up and somehow ended up in kids jail the way u pronounce the jail is ju-va - hall and I went there I saw kids there die for days it wasn't fun at all I'm 11 right now I just got back from a mental hospital ...its like the jail I went to for kids I broke the girls legs btw it was scary but I don't do that anymore! U might get mad but we all are cool amazing beautiful including you! I used to beat ppl up because my dad left me he would abuse me and I would say girls only! I was abused for the longest times I would see these things called "demons" I did witch craft it was horrible but now I am better my dad left that made me stronger and better I came back from all the stuff that knocked me down I came back 100 times stronger have a good day!
commented May 8 by EloquentRacer92 (45,100 points)
Was I being rude?? Sorry if I was
commented May 8 by Crystal-Arianator (25,020 points)

@Thaila and @EloquentRacer92 no, no, you guys are really nice.

commented May 10 by Carissy9
Ima go now have a nice day yall
commented Jun 16 by YumekoJabami (630 points)
But what it girls need to talk to JUST girls? We need support and don't want BOYS reading about us... 'Growing' and needing help? But I agree though. Some BOYS ONLY or GIRLS ONLY posts are just not needed. Who wants to hear about a new assasins creed game in a post for boys only... Or a new dress in a girls only post!!!! But I think PRIVATE and ADVICE posts for just girls are okay!

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answered Jun 16 by AnimalCrossingFan
Was I being mean?
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answered May 8 by Crazykat136
Thats not my name :(
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answered May 8 by Autumn (37,010 points)
I thought we would've forgotten about all those stuff by now. jane is doing good, she doens't post personal information anymore. and i don't remember when was the last time i saw a 'girls only' or 'boys only' post. everything is good. the main problem is that everyone keeps replying to a post pumpkin made LAST YEAR. and it keeps causing more debates. last year there was many girls only boys only posts and it was causing some drama, so pumpkin wanted to put an end to those.


it's irrelevant now. it's 2021, guys.
commented May 11 by Pumpkin (761,700 points)
I agree 100%
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answered May 8 by Pumpkin (761,700 points)
Ironically, Your post is just causing more drama. But I do agree with it.
commented May 12 by anonymous
TRUE i guess i agree!!!

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