My 12th birthday

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asked May 8 in Other by Jane

So my 12th birthday was not fun. So let me tell you what happened.


So on the evening before my birthday, my father was outside. Perfect timimg! So I was about to pull the back door open when my dad suddenly threw the door open in my face, almost making me drop the box full of party stuff. Next time he went out, I tried again, but then he came back and my mother was just like, ''What are you doing?'' I told her that I was trying to get outside so that I could set up the party, and she was just like, ''OK, then.''

An hour later, my dad said angrily to me, ''PUT THE BOX DOWN, OR I'LL STOMP ALL OVER IT AND THROW IT IN THE TRASH!'' I was so scared and upset. I knew that if I cried while he was talking, he would argue with me for longer. Then my mother called me into her bedroom. I went in there.

''What's the matter?'' she asked me.

''My dad cancelled the party.'' I said. ''Now I'll just have boring birthdays forever!''

''What is it you think people do on birthdays?'' she asked me angrily.

''What is it you think people do on birthdays?!'' I cried.

''Do nothing.'' she said.

It got me thinking about a few days before my birthday.

''So,'' my mother said. There was a hint of excitement in her voice. ''You're planning on throwing me a wedding.'' Yes! I thought. Because it sounds fun! 

My mother continued: ''I'm planning on throwing you a SPA party, like, I'll do your makeup, do your nails, do your hair, like curl it or braid it, and have popcorn and snacks, and watch a couple movies that you really like, and I'm also gonna do a tarot reading.'' I had a flashback to my 11th birthday, where all I did was go bowling when I didn't want to, and I was just like, I can't go through that again.

So, back to my 12th birthday. 

On the morning of my 12th birthday, I woke up, still feeling 11. And I set up for the stupid SPA party. 

At the ''party,'' I cried my makeup off. I was wearing rainbow eyeshadow. My mother straightened my  beautiful curls, and she made me wear a black tank top and purple pajama pants.. I just looked stupid in what I was wearing. She also painted my nails black. She and I watched The Addams Family and my dad got me a happy meal when we were almost finished with the movie. My mother and I also made me a chocolate mug cake. We also did that stupid tarot reading. She was trying to get me to ''think of the best thing that happened between 11 and 12.'' I was so confused for a few minutes! And then I finally realized that she was talking about my 11th birthday and my 12th birthday. The ''best'' that I could come up with was Mom getting her new car. I went to bed after all that, still sobbing.

It was 3:00 in the morning when I woke up, and there wasn't even a trace of makeup left. But I didn't care. I never wanted to do a SPA party anyway.

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answered May 10 by knightstar im not likable enough to impe
That doesn't sound nice :(

My 12th birthday was "bad" because my parents were really angry at me and my only present was a cake that I wanted to by at Publix, so it was an after thought anyways. But now it's been two years, I realize that I am very thankful of what I already have. No need for a ton of presents or non-angry parents lol!
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answered May 10 by SnickerDoodles
That sounds horrible....
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answered May 8 by Crazykat136
Im sorry that happend to you.
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answered May 8 by anonymous
i would sob and scream if that happend to me
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answered May 8 by Eloquent / stxrebee
That’s sad

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