Recommend me some mobile games to play

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asked May 12 in Gaming Club by Autumn (34,090 points)
What are the games yall like to play? I'm running out of games to play on my tablet.

I already have roblox and the hp game, hogwarts mystery

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answered May 14 by Crazycat136
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answered May 13 by AnimalCrossingFan
Lemme think...maybe gacha life or trivia royale? Idk what else lol
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answered May 13 by EloquentRacer92 (44,750 points)
Minecraft (paid, in app purchases) Among Us (free, ads, in app purchases)
commented May 14 by Crazycat136 likes among us
Yes among us
commented May 18 by Autumn (34,090 points)

I know another game kinda similar to minecraft, and it's free. It's called lokicraft

so basically it's a minecraft ripoff

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answered May 13 by JD2005
I haven't been playing games lately; the last time I did I was playing "Animal Restuarant". It's a quite nice game, in my opinion.

You can also check out "Adorable Home". At first, it seemed to be pretty interesting; but I got bored doing the same things (taking care of a pet cat, basically) every few hours, and you don't have anything else to do. Had to uninstall it.
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answered May 13 by Minecraft#1 Nerd (730 points)
pokemon go(no charge. in app purcheses) minecraft(7 something dollers, in app purchases)
commented May 13 by KeKe is my nick name like the song
how about rush games oh and if you dont know what rush games are their really fun one is called hair rush and any game that has rush in it means it is a rush game all the games are different but like i said hair rush is about colecting hair until it,s super long and anouther game is called fat pusher wait now your probilly confused because it does not have rush in it okay you look these games or have more games if your on play store you can look up RUSH GAMES hope i was helpful.
commented May 13 by my nick name is KEKE like the song of ke
You should look up rush games on play store one game is hair rush were you collect hair and it is super long and this game is super funny it,s called fat pusher so you eat food and your avatar gets fat and that,s the game the games are so satisfiying i hope i was helpful!!!

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