I have a might find it silly.....but please help!

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asked May 16 in Girls' Advice Column by ~LunaLovegood120~ (1,310 points)

So, I'm 12 years old (13 in September), and I still don't have anything for myself. I don't have my own room (argh, sharing a room with a 10 year old is....), iPad (sharing an iPad with a 10 and 8 year old....[no privacy], and no phone. My dad said I could get a phone in...get this...HIGH SCHOOL. That was just the intro....

So, I was fine with all of this until yesterday, when my BFF got a phone for her birthday, and kept pulling it out and being like "EEEEEEEK LOOK LOOK!" ik ik, it sounds silly, but it was hard to watch her and my two ther friends pulling out phones and stuff. My friends mom kept being like, "____, search it up on YOUR PHONE." and "Call____on your phone" it was a bit annoying, because I was just sitting there, watching my BFF (who said she wasn't getting one till 7th grade or later) whip out her phone at any time, or in the art studio we went to, just pulling out her phone to knows what.

Sorry if it sounds silly or babyish, but I don't have a private way to contact my friends. (And I moved from tex. to MD) its annoying.

If you guys have phones, how did you convince your mom/dad/both to get them for you?

Thank you.

Sorry again.
commented May 19 by Unicorn friend (14,310 points)
That is so sad I sorry I feel you
commented May 30 by anonymous
I am so sorry but I feel so bad because I had a phone at 5 years old


ps I am so sorry for you
commented Jun 2 by Minecraft#1 Nerd (730 points)
i got a phone just this year but gotten it taken away 5 times. the last time was for nothing. parents just don't listen, do they.
commented Jun 2 by ~LunaLovegood120~ Doesn’t wanna log in j
Omg ikr! I get this iPad taken away every time I do one little tiny thing and I only get 20 minutes of screen time Monday- Friday and 45 on weekends.

just to clarify, I share an iPad with siblings.....argh.

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answered May 18 by Crystal-Arianator (24,670 points)
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ikr gurl its so annoying, im a bit younger than u, but my parents say i can have a phone in..wait for it...when I'm 16!!!!! IKR!!!! My friend, she kinda embarrassed me once, she said if she could have my number, but lol I don't even have a number then she was like "how do u text ppl" and I was like "I use messenger kids app" and she starting laughing and be like-"thats for babies".

Nobody has that app, like-no one. But even tho I don't have a phone, do u have email? You can use Google Hangouts, if not use Messenger Kids if ur friends have it, its not babyish. Skype is safe too.

commented May 21 by EloquentRacer92 (44,910 points)
I have messager kids
commented May 29 by anonymous
Me too
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answered May 30 by anonymous
I just had my sister's old phones
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answered May 29 by expect (170 points)
Oh my god. SO RELATABLE! I literally try to convince my parents, but it doesn't work. (I'm 2/3 years younger then you.)

But I have an idea. There is this app called "Greenlight Card For Kids" and you can learn to save up. You can invest in stocks and get more points/money to try and reach your goals. I'll explain all the rest later, but you can try and ask your parents to download this app.


It may work for you, but that doesn't work on my parents because I need to do more "chores".

- sincerely, emilia/em | xo
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answered May 29 by anonymous
I am 8 and I said I want privacy at least they gave me a smart watch.
commented May 30 by EloquentRacer92 (44,910 points)
Lucky I only have a MacBook
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answered May 27 by meissmart
i can sorta understand just don’t worry about it it may be a while till you get a phone but look on the bright side and if you are worried about texting ur friends and stuff you can easily text them on ur iPad :)
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answered May 24 by anonymous
I am in 8th grade going on to 9th grade and I have ZERO electronics so I feel you
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answered May 18 by anonymous
I do not have a phone.
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answered May 18 by Reader

Umm... I'm not as old as you, I'm just 10. But I'm like you too. Sharing room with 5 year old brother. And I don't have a phone (I guess I'm too young for it but I'm not allowed to touch my mom's phone too. I think that's unfair) I mean, the only things I have for my own is, my table (a green one) and a place for my books (just a part of a shelf) and I'm allowed to use the laptop (but only for my studies. Now i'm using laptop only, but only sometimes and the laptop is not my own).

commented May 30 by magicharrypottergal (21,660 points)
Reader is dis u?
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answered May 16 by Unicorn friend (14,310 points)
I have my own tablet bc I saved up for it I also share a room with my lil sis and I kinda had to convince my mom for me to buy one (again with MY money) since you are 13 if you live in Georgia 14 year-olds can work and then you can start working and save up for a phone. That's my suggestion.
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answered May 16 by JD2005
IKR? I can totally understand. Almost all of my classmates have had their own phones since a long time. I'm in 10th grade now, but I don't even have one. And chances are, I'm not gonna get one before I pass 12th. :(

I know it's kinda sad, but you gotta put up with it; like I did. I think you shouldn't worry too much about it. :)

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