My Parents Made a Huge Mistake (Story for ONLY 10 and Above ALSO...GIRLS ONLY)

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If you are not 10 yet, DON'T read this. It is not a very G rated story, you will regret this, it will make you feel uncomfortable. If you would like to, maybe call an older sibling or someone who knows about this sort of stuff who can read this to you and explain these adult topics. boys. Ik, but the thing is, once you read might not know how to respond's just gonna be weird. parents made a... HUGE mistake. Let me explain. When I was little, I asked questions like, "Where do babies come from"? Answer: "I'll tell you when you are older", I asked, "How do people fall in love"? Answer:"You are too young to know that sort of stuff", you get the point. When we watched TV, our parents didn't let us watch romance shows, they don't these days either. Our parents skipped topics on TV about periods, LGBTQIA+, EVERYTHING!

My parents have NEVER talked to me about s*x (sorry I keep censoring it, but I have parental controls on my computer  where if you type that word it completely blocks out).

There was this class in 3rd grade, the teachers talked to kids, especially girls, and educated them about s*x and puberty, preagnancy and marriage, LGBTQIA+, etc. My parents did what? Opt out, and when they got the email about the topic at school, asking if parents were okay with it, they started screaming. 

My parents say I can't have Snapchat till I'm 30, my dad said there was "Grownup stuff on the Discovery page".  I can't watch Hamilton till I'm 18, because it was romantic. Jessie, which is Disney Channel, nope, not till I'm 30. Princess Diaries, boy..never will they allow me to watch that. 

This Disney (DISNEY IS LITTERALLY A KIDS COMPANY) Pixar short film, god, they didn't let me watch it because it had a gay couple. Also, once in a RATED G movie, a mom was telling her kid she is getting a baby sister, WTH is wrong with that?? My mom didn't skip it, but she told us this is the SOOO innapropriate. I WATCHED IT!!!! A mother was telling her innocent child that she was getting a baby sister. So what?? She's not telling her how babies are made or something!!! There was this kids YouTube channel where a teenage girl is wearing clothes, and her belly is showing. JUST HER BELLY. Look at it. I sent you an image.




My parents said that was TOO MUCH NUDITY....I had enough of this. I tried to ask my parents what I was curious about but they said I had to wait till I was at least 18. This was too much. Google answered all of my questions. But...too much. I didn't need SOOO much info. Just a bit, and Google gave me a ton of innapropriate content. Not just what I wanted to know, even what I got triggered by and what I didn't want to know. My parents thought Google wasn't that safe, but Google SafeSearch wa ok. WRONG! It wasn't. I warn you, I found not just s*xual content about babies, LGBTQIA+, puberty, s*xual abuse (bad touches) I naked stuff....kind of...(p***) OMG, this would have been WAAAAAY  easier if my mom, maybe not dad, cuz you know, girl's have different s*x stuff and boys have different... anyways, I would have been okay if my mom told me about this and explained it to me.

I am still confused. All that stuff was complicated, it was confusing, and now I NEEEED my mom to talk with me about this. I know after that Google stuff she will most likely talk with me about it, and obviusly GET MAAD that I used Google, but it's partly her fault I was using Google anyway. So, the thing is, idk how to talk to her about it. What should I say? I'm scared she'll get mad. Idk what to do. Also, if my parents knew I was on KT, they would deffinity block it, bc of all the LGBTQIA+ and period stuff so...anyways, I'm scared my mom will get mad at me for Googling bad stuff. I'll explain why it happened, and why it was her fault, but I'm just scared and kinda, embarrassed to talk about all that...stuff with my mom. 

Can someone help plz, I'm really scared and embarrassed. confused Also, other option is, should I even tell them?, or just leave it?


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I looked at this and im a boy
commented Jun 1 by kitten1617 (2,060 points)

rude sad_smile

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answered May 25 by Ariana Grande fan!!!
Oh im so sorry this happened. By the way, do you want to look up inapropriate stuff because your kind of over exagerating. sorry
commented May 25 by Crystal-Arianator (25,020 points)

Umm..exaggerating about what? And yes, I did, it's hard to explain, kinda personal I guess. BTW do you actually like Ariana Grande because I love her, check out some of my posts about her. My profile picture is even from Thank, U, Next if you look closely.

commented May 26 by Ariana Grande fan!!!
Oh yeah! I love her!! Nice profile!
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answered May 24 by allie :3 (970 points)
:/ am 8 but kinda werid
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Idk, just grow up or something?
commented May 26 by PrincessJelly (54,100 points)
was this really necessary?
commented May 27 by Grim Reaper (6,420 points)
She did ask, Jelly, so I answered
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That's fine you don't need to know about that stuff for a while.
commented May 24 by kate

well this happened to me as well and trust me DONT keep it all inside you, it be awkward #butt your parents are there for you when stuff like this happens.


it will all be okwink_smile

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