Me and my Ideas: My Official most Important 3D Evernotes *I'm being serious this time*

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asked May 27 in Technology by Me and my Ideas

Ok I am going to copy and paste some actual important Evernotes so please pay attention to this and share it with as many people as possible. Trust me.

1st Evernote: 

So I looked up what materials a 3D Printer cannot create, and I looked up what a 3D Printer cannot make in the first place. *talking about that later* So it said you cannot 3D print Wood, Rocks/ stone, Cloth, and paper. So some substitutes for the benefits of these materials *which I thought about* *oh btw I forgot to mention that you cannot create anything out of fabric with a 3D Printer* is... "A substitute for Wood is water, a match/ candle, and plastic or plastic wood. A substitute for Stone is metal, clay, and titanium. For Cloth it's feathers and air temperature or a hair dryer including sunlight *which we are almost always getting with global warming* for comfort which the feathers would be for comfort too. And something that makes paper is a 2D Printer, but the perfect substitute for paper is Cardboard, because you can fold it depending on your strength, and you can draw on it. Matter a fact, there are so many Cardboard life hacks, you may not even need a 3D Printer in the first place.* and now getting to the shapes that you cannot make with a 3D Printer, the article said this...                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    "You cannot print items that have no flat parts or have very big overhangs. Due to the fact that you use a nozzle or a syringe to print the parts, it is not possible to print large hanging parts without the parts dropping in the course of printing3D printers come with limitations in terms of precision. Oct 2, 2017
I actually have something to say to that, because I watched a video on if you can 3D Print a sphere, and it said that the bigger your sphere is, the easier and more manageable it is, but vise versa the smaller it gets. And about the big hanging parts, which I imagine would be hooks I'm pretty sure you can glue them. Also they said that what they just stated "come with limitations in terms of precision." so that means that those may not be the only limitations in 3D Printing. I also just looked up the limitations of 3D Printing, and this is what I got...
  • Surface texture is generally too rough.
  • Materials have low heat deflection temperatures.
  • Materials generally have low strengths.
  • Material prices are far too high restricting the growth of the market.
  • Parts are generally not as dense as parts made by CNC and other processes.
But I don't think everything stated is a problem, except for the cost of the materials even though if this idea works, then maybe some rich people can actually supply us with the materials we need for 3D Printing, so that we can make whatever we want simply. Also, for my idea of the 3D Printing getting into the wrong hands or people 3D Printing something that could go wrong, I just found out that "Brain observations" and "Electroencephalography" is a thing so you can see what's going on with somebody's brain cells, and if they're up to something evil, so yeah. So basically whenever somebody is going to get a 3D Printer, thats what you can do and you can do it when unexpected. And somebody will have to tell the truth before doing Brain observations or whatever in my idea, and for not making something that could be a problem, maybe you can get some actual good feedback from maybe a good friend. And lastly, we can have there be open Multi Material 3D Printers, as in ones with a movable workspace, and one that doesn't have a front or back blocking it from creating something. Oh I forgot that I will also probably email google about one of their responses to see if they are telling the truth about the only materials that you cannot 3D Print. And I don't know if Brain observatins are expensive, but either way if this idea works than 3D Printing will be the new currency. *so we won't even need any rich people to give us materials actually* Btw just in case somebody robs your 3D Printer, like that will ever happen you can use super glue, and glue the drone onto the 3D Printer and you can use a lost drone app to track down your 3D Printer. Maybe you can 3D Print your drone, and 3D Print it out of a really strong material too so that it won't break which a broken drone would probably stop the lost drone app from working, but anyways sorry for keeping you reading so long, this is actually important *please trust me* and this is not another idea that will go unfinished. I think I will actually test this out with somebody who already has a 3D Printer. Well anyways thanks and bye bye

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