i got in trouble for someone else's actions.

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asked Mar 23, 2016 in Personal by anonymous

3 Answers

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answered Jun 18, 2016 by anonymous
Are you asking what to do? What is the scenario? Who ever yelled at or punished you, is there a way to calmly explain to them that you did not do whatever they think you did and explain your side of the story?
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answered Apr 10, 2016 by ❤️GryffindorGal❤️ (116,580 points)
Oh no
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answered Mar 23, 2016 by arkzo (422,590 points)
thats sad

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My school class thinks that I hurt someone when I didn't. :(

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Thanks a Lo, who ever did it. I really hate that someone would do something like that.

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LINK: This makes me furious. If someone did this as an April's Fool joke, then listen, I DO NOT LIKE ... banned and/or reported or whatever. I don't like it and want you to STOP!!!

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If your siblings threw one of your remotes at you for your TV and a few minutes later your sibling said "can you help me with this" and you said "WHY!" and your sibling ... or don't get mad at all and just get over it! Hope that advice helped you!

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I been to so many state fairs and every time i go i want to be in 4-h and I finely seined up!!!!!!!!!!!!! So i cant wait!!!!! Are any of you guys in 4-h?

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Please comment down below

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So i think that my boyfriend is cheating on me and I try to talk to him but he has been spending so much time with this new girl at school he barely notices me. I don't ... he is just trying to be nice to her since she is new, but can you guys help?

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I got Tree #3!!! Just kidding, some theater humor. I actually got Hermia, one of the leads! Yay! I'm so excited!!!

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(Warning) This question/comment is not 4 skrubs, outta here u tryhards. Also u may get rekt by doge by reading this question/comment the MLGiness lvls on this question/ ... u are a skrubs/tryhards GET SHREKT U SKRUBS I GOT ZE NUMBER SHREKT!!!!

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Everyone in my class has a best friend except for me and this really weird boy. You are probably thinking why don't you be friends with him? Well there are lots of ... my class thinks it's weird I feel really lonley without a friend plese help me!:[

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Who should I tell?

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WOW, I got a heat advisory!

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Should Tara be interviewed again on LLM Studio? Or should I bring in Maggie my less well known OC? Or my OC under Creation? Or all three?

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