Dumb Glow squid story that happened to me

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asked 3 days ago in Games / Toys by Snicker doodles returns for a brief mome
Ok, so, this isn't an overwhelmingly sad story. But Idk it ruined a bit of the day for me.

So, I was playing Minecraft and I loved the new update.I also loved the glow squids, because come on what's not to love? Adorable lil glowy bois. I know a lotta people hate em, but I don't.

So, since a lotta people hated them, they made these machines and stuff to kill em. No, I'm not taking this too seriously, I understand they're doing a lighthearted joke. I kinda decided to do the opposite and make some sorta glow squid research lab.

I even found one while trying to find a place for it. I gave the glow squid a name tag and called it gloseph.

Anywho I took it with me and I made a small portion of the lab. Then, a guy joined my game. I was fine with this at first. Even though they ultimately caused the sad ending to the story, they were a nice dude.

So, we worked together on it and eventually they wanted to go to the end. I made them a portal (we were in creative if ya couldn't tell yet) and we killed it.

Only problem: we lost the lab.

After an hour of searching, we found it.

However, the guys pet axotl or however you spell it died out of nowhere. We did some dumb investigation and learned that they dehydrate.

Eventually, I was building until I noticed something. Where gloseph once was, now there were glow ink sacks.

The dude was spawning axotl's everywhere. Those kill glow squids.

I didn't get too attached to the squid, but it still made me a bit sad. You know how I feel if ya had a Minecraft dog die. I decided to leave the game after that. I made sure the guy knew I had no hard feelings towards him. I'm just disappointed in the situation.

Tl;DR: friend accidentally spawns mob that killed my pet squid

Moral: Idk you go make one.

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answered 3 days ago by Noah cool kid
That is sad
commented 3 days ago by Snickerdoodles is replying
Its a squid

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