Advice on staying safe

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1. Always stick with your family. This is the best way on staying safe when you're in huge places such as crowded airports and cities. 

2. Never talk to strangers. You never know what a stranger holds. Also, never go to strangers when they call you. If you have any questions, ask a trusted adult such as the police or worker/employee in the place you're in.

3. If you're going on a field trip, stay with your teacher. It's okay to talk and have fun with your friends but its never okay when you go with your friends one way when your teacher is going the oppisite.

4. Never do things that you know are dangerous. Sure, you can do flips on the chin-up bar and climb on the monkey bars but you can't if you're going to jump off of them.

6. Since there are many tips of advice for staying safe online, here are just a few.

  • Be a good cyber-citizen. Don't cyber-bully each other online and stay cool if you're insulted. Play funny.
  • Use passwords that are hard to guess so nobody can look in you're personal online belongings.

7. Here are some tips on being safe when there's anything like a tornado coming near you:

  • Tsunamis: Go to higher grounds. Water cannot reach you then.
  • Tornadoes: Go to places without windows on the lowest level in your house. Get away from windows. Hold on to a sturdy and heavy piece of furniture.Cover your head with your hands. 
  • Earthquakes: Take cover under desks or tables. Stay indoors. Stay away from furniture that can fall on you. Stay away from windows.
  • Thunderstorm/Earthquake: Be prepared. Store water, save oil/gas and energy. Get in your comfy couch. Sit with your pet and a snack. Turn on the T.V to the weather channel to see any warnings.

8. Be prepared for being safe. Make or buy your own aid bag. A proper aid bag holds bandages, water, radio, wipes, blanket, batteries, gloves, and scissors.

Keep clam and be safe


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Thanks. I have somthing to add: to stay safe online, use

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