How To Make Friends

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Making friends can be difficult even for the most outgoing person. Here I have gathered some tips on how to make friends easily.

  • Join an activity/class that you enjoy. There you will meet people who also enjoy the activity/class, which gives you one thing in common. There you will be able to take off!
  • Limit your internet usage. Get your nose off the screen! Try interacting more with people in real life.
  • Ask open ended questions. That basically means when socializing, don't ask simple questions that can be answered in one word. 
  • Smile! If you smile more, people will assume you are friendly and maybe talk to you.
  • Do what you love! If you like reading, carry the book around! Somebody might ask you about it, or somebody who likes reading or has read the book will start a conversation.
  • Be funny! Everybody likes somebody funny. Find a joke book from your local library or if you already have one, and walk up to people and tell them jokes! 
  • Try new things! People like people who are diverse and interesting. Don't put all your energy on one thing.
  • Stay out of trouble. If you get in trouble all the time, people won't want to hang out with you because they'll worry they'll get in trouble too.
Tell me if these tips work or if you have any other ones!

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answered Aug 17, 2017 by Jenny (21,250 points)

Maybe you should find a friend that's cheerful 

teeth_smilehope that helps

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answered Apr 20, 2016 by AutumnGirl (2,500 points)

Ummm... I wouldn't say some of them are good tips. For example, #3.

Look at the following conversation and then see if you agree with me.

I really want to make the popular kid, Emma, my friend. What did AbsoluteOwl say? Ask no one-word-answer questions? Ok. I won't.

"Hi Emma!" I greet her. "Hi... um, what's your name?" she replies. "So, Emma, why did your parents divorce?" I continue, smiling. AbsoluteOwl was probably right - as she usually is! 

Emma burst into tears. "I hate you!! i hate you! I hate you, whatever your name is!!" she sobbed, running into the school bathroom. "Ew, what's wrong with you?" Amelia, the second most popular girl, asked me. Or rather, told me. 

Maybe AbsoluteOwl was wrong this once, I decided.

So? Do you agree with me? (AbsoluteOwl, I am a fan, but just not for this particular question.

commented Apr 20, 2016 by ❤️GryffindorGal❤️ (117,260 points)
Dear Aurumn-

I really appreciate that you read my question! But, I feel that anybody with common sense wouldn't ask such as cruel and personal question. I know for a matter of fact that you wouldn't do it either. As for one word questions, I meant questions that can start a conversation. In other words, not yes or no questions. Some examples are: Did you think the math test was hard? Have you ever been to the beach? Who's your favorite actor/actress? I hope I didn't offend in any way, and I'm honored that you are a fan of mine!
commented Apr 20, 2016 by cod red
i agree whith absolute owl this is juat my coment
commented Sep 25, 2016 by rae (87,620 points)
Both the first ones can be yes/no questions.

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