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Today I'll be talking about something very basic. What is a computer? According to, it is the following: "a programmable electronic device designed to ... build one yourself! If you have any questions about anything, please post them.

answered 3 days ago in Computer Club by anonymous
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you shouldn't share your personal information on the internet, you should think before you write comments about people - how it could effect them, you should always tell ... shouldn't meet someone you have talked to on the internet without an adult.

asked 4 days ago in Computer Club by SuperCat
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Every day at 5am central,6am eastern, 4am mountain, and 3am western, (I think) We will go on to HYPIXEL server to play bed wars and other games. so, just wondering ... about you. Also, to get in, type in multiplayer setting. Ciao!

answered May 4, 2018 in Computer Club by Hi
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I am starting a computer club and will be talking about computers each week. Topics will include: Robotics Computer Technology Computer Design Programming ... Graphic Arts and Animation Internet Technology Anyone can join and participate. WhizKid

answered May 4, 2017 in Computer Club by jazzlinny (37,980 points)
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