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Here is my 15 wishes! 1. For all of my family to have a full and good life. 2. For me to have to have a good career in the future, like being a doctor or ... . 15. To be more connected with God and myself, not feel lost. Those are my 15 wishes!

asked Jan 24, 2019 in Other by toad aka star (319,550 points)
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PART 1: FOR THE WORLD 1. For abortion to stop 2. For God and Jesus to be believed in 3. For the world to be a better place PART 2: FOR MY FRIENDS (that's you ... I wish the world had more pet-rat-loving people My 15 wishes, split into 5 of 3 each!

asked Jan 17, 2019 in Other by -GEMHeart- (276,310 points)
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1. Everything is free 2. Nobody would make fun of anybody else 3. Get an iPhone 4. Somehow win a million dollars to share with the poor and my family 5. Get a kitten ... requirement 14. To have a beach near me 15. For my crush to have a crush one me

asked Jan 16, 2019 in Other by Kitty111
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I want to hear what you guys would wish for if you had 15 wishes, make a new post with #15wishes as a tag and I will be sure to check it out, it can be anything, real or not, let meh know!

asked Jan 15, 2019 in Other by LunaLight (87,340 points)
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1.An end to all disorders and diseses, even stuff like depression. 2.No thoughts of ineaquality. 3.No war. Nothing cannot be solved peacefully first. 4.For schools to ... , make another post with the tag "#15wishes" and I promise to check it out.

asked Jan 15, 2019 in Other by LunaLight (87,340 points)
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