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How much content on kidztalk/kidznet etc. Is approved and disapproved? How many questions (roughly idk if you would even know?) did you guys Disapprove?

asked Feb 6 in Ask KidzSearch by PrincessKittens Left (201,830 points)
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Okay, I have never done this before, but I would like to now I guess. Any way, I have a question. Has anyone seen Harley? she went missing a week ago, and i'm ... . Also, if I find out she cheated on me, you can guarantee it won't be pretty.

asked Jan 23 in Personal by Joker
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And this is just more of it! Say "2982" if you knew it was clickbait Say "2932" if you didnt think it was clickbait

asked Jan 19 in Other by PrincessKittens Left (201,830 points)
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I tried to create an account, "Anonymous" but messed up the email and when I tried to change the email it wouldn't let me, and it wouldn't let me make the account again with the username. Is there something you can do about this?

asked Dec 28, 2019 in Ask KidzSearch by Anonymous
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Hey guys here's a new video hope you like it!!!! best-diy-slime-recipes-without-glue-or-borax-how-to-make-glue-borax-free-slime_86ac7501e.html

asked Dec 20, 2019 in Videos by unicorn girl
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hey guys, here's a new video to brighten your day (or night) hope you like it! dollar-tree-slime-challenge-making-slime-using-dollar-tree-ingredients_2a58b5537.html Also if you want to get a shout in my next post comment #unicorn squad. Bye!!!

asked Dec 17, 2019 in Videos by unicorn girl
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New video I hope you guys like it!!!how-to-make-fluffy-unicorn-slime-magical_a8796dd17.html

asked Dec 15, 2019 in Videos by unicorn girl
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Yah calling all them peeps that pass out them newpapers LETS GO!!!!! Now show some views plz

asked Dec 10, 2019 in Newspaper Club by Chee-z Toast
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I watched a few videos of kids doing dangerous stunts. What do you think?

asked Nov 8, 2019 in Film / TV by Nukezombie
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Today the doctor found out I have cancer I am very sad right now I'm having my mom type for me I have connection tubes all over me I'm at a hospital it's scary I'm trying ... and tired I can't help it what if I did die I dont want to die I'm scared

asked Oct 20, 2019 in Personal by Lovely may
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KidzNet is not at loading at all. It will keep showing me the same white screen, and then same error message saying "This page has become unresponsive. You can wait for this ... a long time to load it. If you could maybe delete it, that might work.

asked Sep 1, 2019 in Ask KidzSearch by LunaLight (90,090 points)
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why won't any of the games work???

asked Aug 28, 2019 in Ask KidzSearch by I_Don't_Have_A_Name #006
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I can only vote a few hundred times in an hour.

asked Aug 10, 2019 in Ask KidzSearch by Kitten (563,060 points)
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Do you remember hearing the song, "Bad Noises" on Radio Disney? It was song by Fritzie G, an alto from sunny Florida.

asked Jul 31, 2019 in Music Entertainment by LittleKittyCat (610 points)
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I have cleared my browser cache, cookies, site data, and browser history but in is still not working for me, it worked enough yesterday for me to see the fear but now it only loads to the top bar with my username every time.

asked Jul 19, 2019 in KidzNet by LunaLight (90,090 points)
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Look at this awesome link!

asked May 11, 2019 in Books / General by Ammy k.
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As 99.9% of KT/KN/KS know, I personally don't believe in god. I believe that there is someone higher than people, but I wouldn't say god. And if god exists ... no gods are real, but not overly many people believe that. Feel free to debate this topic.

asked May 3, 2019 in Debate by Debate Luna
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There is a video with a bad word in it on KidzTube. It is called “How high can you hear? [Test]” The bad word is towards the end and starts with ‘S’. Please delete this before any other children watch it.

asked Apr 30, 2019 in Ask KidzSearch by A concerned user
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hello i am looking for a video editor and want to ask some questions about how hard to be a video editor how long does it take to make a edit and how long have you been doing it comment back and i will reply THX

asked Mar 20, 2019 in How-To by Cookieboy143
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Shoot the other ships to win and earn coins! Hope this one works cuz my links usually don’t work XD

asked Mar 15, 2019 in Games / Toys by OpalGemStar (55,780 points)
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Whenever you do an apostrophe on a comment, it just turns it into a weird jumble of letters. Like this- Won't. Normal. Don&rsquo:t. Definitely NOT normal. See? I don't ( ... with my Ipad, or if it is some sort of glitch, but it is REALLY annoying me!

asked Mar 13, 2019 in Ask KidzSearch by Ammy K.
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I broke my glasses at a human hamster wheel for scouts by falling on my face and now I have to get out of the house by 10:00 tomorrow for my eye doctor appointment. UUHHHGGGG!

asked Oct 29, 2018 in General Blogs by LunaLight (90,090 points)
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is it bad if two of my favorite songs i like that are really well written give me goose-bumps and make me shake all over? i am not cold. it happens when it gets to the parts i really like. is this reaction bad?

asked Oct 18, 2018 in Luna's My Little Pony Club by luna midnight 2 lazy 2 sign in
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when I try to go on it the screen is white.Help! I reloaded it-nothing!

asked Jul 18, 2018 in KidzNet by Vivi
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I've had it up and running for about half a month, and no one's asked any questions in it! Please check it out! You can ask any questions about animals, like how ... a vet book, research about pets, etc). So, please! - GemHeart, Animal Advice Column

asked Mar 10, 2017 in Pets / Animals by -GEMHeart- (279,060 points)
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Can you write about horses my fav animal

asked Dec 21, 2016 in Other by (Taurus) SweetieGem (21,880 points)
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The strings were going wacko and the a string was super loose So I tuned with the peg but I must've gotten too high cause it just snapped right in front of me! you ... the whole day week! what could i doooo? Need and answer at wed at the latest!!

asked Dec 12, 2016 in Music Entertainment by miss professurs doggie bon
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I'm a very shy girl, and I don't like asking for help. Well, I got my P in school, bleed on the chair, and everyone is making fun of me. I really don't want to tell a teacher about this, so what do I do?!

asked Sep 18, 2016 in Girls' Advice Column by anonymous
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I got this huge (but just right for me) 80 year old, awesome violin yesterday, because my old violin was too small. Today, I practiced and it sounded great! I could play it ... if you buy it,it's $700) on my rented violin. Have any ideas? plz help!!

asked Aug 25, 2016 in Music / Fine Arts by ❤☮LouTheLuver☮❤ (160,150 points)
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