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Hey! Welcome to The Sisterhood. This is going to be a girls-only mini-blog series that I will post every so often. If you enjoy it or have any ... suggest or if you have questions or thoughts just ask in the answers section #standupforyoursisters :)

asked 2 days ago in Personal by human
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"A Good Girl's Guide to Murder" is a fantastic book and I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a good murder mystery or even just a young adult book. The story ... about it, it is an amazing book and I know it is definitely one of my favorites.

asked 4 days ago in Book Reviews by Lesbian Wolf Furry (3,900 points)
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See .y friend (maybe two) that I haven't seen face to face for almost a year. They used to go to my school. I am really excited.

asked Mar 8 in Random Posts by lunalovegoodmolly (245,750 points)
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I was about to write the person a note when he walked past me looking all happy and I asked him what are you smiling for and he said that someone just kissed him I ... that the girl who kissed him is my best friend should I ignore her or ignore him?

asked Feb 6 in All Advisors by anonymous
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So, last time I updated y'all, KNG ditched me with a mile-long email. I tried to get her to call me so we could talk and sort things out, but she is officially gone ... did to her. Why does it have to be this way? Signed, A Very Tearful Coffee Cake

asked Jan 29 in Coffee Cake’s Corner by Coffee Cake (73,250 points)
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So there is this girl in 8th grade at my school ( Lets call her Angela )and my best friend said that she was Bi. Angela and her best friend ( everyone thinks that he is ... who might not be into me or even Bi.) what if I get embarrassed? I NEED HELP!

asked Jan 26 in LGBTQIA Club by Jabber (24,230 points)
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I had my first period last week. There was more blood than I expected. I was hoping it would happen when I was a bit older but most girls have when they are around my age ... mum at the moment. Later this week I will see her again. How do I tell her?

asked Jan 21 in Personal by C.Clay (17,880 points)
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I have a crush on this girl who 99.999% does not like me back. How do I get her to like me?

asked Jan 17 in Personal by Jabber (24,230 points)
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Hey guys its the newpaper gals we just wanted to say we started a school newpaper I'll post that later but I just wanted to say hi to my fans

asked Dec 10, 2019 in Newspaper Club by Chee-z Toast
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Hey dudes!Today I got my first bra with cups.Actually, first four.I know you're probably thinking WHAAAT???!!!SHE'S LITERALLY 10 YEARS OLD!!!SHE DOESN'T NEED BRAS ... that I was starting to feel uncomfortable.So, today, we went to the mall. -Jelly

asked Nov 30, 2019 in Girls' Advice Column by jellyfishlover (28,900 points)
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So, just to clarify, I have 3 crushes.The first is pansexual, and I told her I liked her (its easier to confess to your friends)but she hasn't answered me back or ... know I'm to young to have a relationship, but if you have any tips please answer.

asked Nov 18, 2019 in LGBTQIA Club by jellyfishlover (28,900 points)
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I have a crush on a girl who is a year older than me, I don't think she even knows I exist, and she is straight, she has smiled at me before, so what HELP MEEEEE

asked Nov 15, 2019 in Personal by Jabber (24,230 points)
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For National Novel Writing Month, I had the best idea ever. It's about two kids who were born in a time warp and thus have the ability to time travel. They think they ... I was inappropriate and she doesn't want to read my book anymore. What do I do?

asked Nov 9, 2019 in Personal by Rebekah<3Raven (3,920 points)
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Does it hurt How much blood How old where you when you got your first one Do you use pads or tampons Do you notice the pad if you wear one

asked Sep 20, 2019 in Girls' Advice Column by anonymous
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Hi, I have a problem. There is this boy I was into since 2nd grade, and then I forgot about him until now, because he is in my class. I started hanging out with my old ... acting makes me not like him. How do I know if he has a crush on me or not?

asked Mar 21, 2019 in Girls' Advice Column by Crushed
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Click here to play a fun online game called Dump, Date, Marry! If you are a boy, you will most likely want to play this version. HAVE FUN!

asked Mar 16, 2019 in General Entertainment by Ammy K.
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I have a friend named Angela, who asked my crush James out on a date. He said no but she is still saying they are dating. I want to confront her but I don't want to ruin our friendship. WHAT DO I DO????

asked Mar 16, 2019 in TeenTalk by HeartBroken
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asked Feb 12, 2019 in Personal by cookie122105 (75,040 points)
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asked Feb 4, 2019 in Personal by cookie122105 (75,040 points)
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how do know if going through puperty because i am 13 i don't have any cramp but these day i had realy bad head aches i havent started my period

asked Jan 30, 2019 in Other by cookie122105 (75,040 points)
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Ok so I have a few questions for girls who have had there period 1. Does it hurt to have your period? 2. What do you use? Tampons or Pads? 3. What age should ... 12 in 2 months) And if you can answer anything else about puberty and stuff, please do

asked Jan 16, 2019 in Girls' Advice Column by Kitty111
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Hey girls do you want advice or quizzes or learn how to make things! well you came to the right place

asked Nov 16, 2018 in General Clubs by dandalion78 (410 points)
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I have a Christmas Concert tomorrow. My whole family persuaded me to sing at the concert because they are jealous of some girl in the other class that is really bossy and smart. I ... a talent show. Should I sing at the talent show? HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!

asked Dec 20, 2017 in Other by #StarAngel
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asked Oct 14, 2017 in Other by roblox
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There is a boy that I like and I know likes me but he never leaves his friends side so I could never talk to him so I really need your help to figure out what to do Please.

asked Oct 2, 2017 in General Blogs by hihihihihihihi1234567890
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This girl at my school keeps being mean to people. She even made the new girl drink dirt water! She has been mean to me, too. One of my bffs hangs out with her and my bff bff hangs out with her 24/7. What should I do??

asked Sep 25, 2017 in Other by Mermaid lover 009
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Hi there. I'm almost a teenager, so if anybody can explain me about being a teenager, that would help. Well, I don't need it quickly, but please if you read this, can you answer it now? Because I'm eleven this year

asked Aug 12, 2017 in Personal by Jenny (21,250 points)
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This is one for me!

asked Jun 29, 2017 in Other by -Moonlight- (63,780 points)
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Who had there P? I just had mine! Did you tell your mom? I did. I was scared at first, but she helped me and I felt better.

asked Jun 17, 2017 in Personal by ❤☮LouTheLuver☮❤ (160,150 points)
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Do you think you have the talent of singing? If you do,you may enjoy this club,no guarantees but,this club may have,singing sleepovers with,karaoke singing,dinner,drinks,movies and more!

asked May 19, 2017 in Music Club by BreezyMoonDancer (5,380 points)
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asked Feb 22, 2017 in Ask Country Boy by anonymous
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Well i know why you clicked on this question, you either want a girl to like you or you are a girl and you want to know what im gonna say. Trust me when i ... doesnt matter about anything else. Well i hope this helped you guys out there! GOOD LUCK!

asked Oct 29, 2016 in Personal by FC_Life01 (6,490 points)
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Can I join the Girls Advice Column thanks!

asked May 26, 2016 in Ask KidzSearch by -Moonlight- (63,780 points)
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Hey Girls Advice column can I join your advice column thanks!

asked May 25, 2016 in All Advisors by -Moonlight- (63,780 points)
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Okay, the edmodo Group code is: 6wkn8q Comment your username you signed up with so I won't decline you.

asked Nov 29, 2015 in General News by GymnastPower (36,430 points)
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We're going to start trying to get more people in and all that. but you guys should know about the edmodo group and etc.

asked Nov 14, 2015 in Other by GymnastPower (36,430 points)
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Alright Lovey muffin, we (Reagan and I) are going to start girls advice and help Cullum. We are only taking 4 more girls. Here are the ranks available Vice ... ! We encourage everyone to get involved!! (Even the boys! They can help translate)

asked Oct 9, 2015 in Other by GymnastPower (36,430 points)
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