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Warning: Be sure to check with your doctor before going on any weight loss program, including the one being discussed. This is especially important for children and ... loss program. You can seriously harm yourself if your body cannot handle it.

asked Jun 15, 2016 in Ask Whizkid by whizkid (64,030 points)
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​​1. always have veggies or fruits. a lot of work out like bike riding or walking two miles. 3.never drink sodas always drink water. I hope my advice helped you

asked May 26, 2016 in Moonlight's Tips by -Moonlight- (56,560 points)
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When it is breakfast,not that many students eat the meal that often but when it is lunchtime, there are hundreds of students that are eating food at school.

asked Dec 23, 2015 in Health & Fitness by Lettuce
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i hate lice!

asked Apr 7, 2013 in Health & Fitness by KIDZZ (3,300 points)
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asked Mar 27, 2013 in Health & Fitness by Cupcake549 (31,880 points)
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