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I have a jewelry company. I ran out of business cards, but I deleted my online templet. So I thought I can just scan it on my printer onto my computer.

asked Mar 10 in All Advisors by lypi123 (7,420 points)
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I will make sure her KidzTalk legacy lives on in the Random Posts Section. And KS, can you add dedicated to Princess Kittens in the description of this category? Thanks in advance

asked Mar 5 in Random Posts by lunalovegoodmolly (247,580 points)
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Can i have an advice column? "Ask PrincessKittens" Please

asked Jan 8 in Ask KidzSearch by PrincessKittens Left (201,870 points)
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Can I please have an Advice Column, KidzSearch? I would I really like one! Thanks, WelshTerriersss

asked Jan 5 in All Advisors by WelshTerriersssCS (13,860 points)
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I tried to create an account, "Anonymous" but messed up the email and when I tried to change the email it wouldn't let me, and it wouldn't let me make the account again with the username. Is there something you can do about this?

asked Dec 28, 2019 in Ask KidzSearch by Anonymous
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My friend is trying to sign up for an account. she put in her parents email and it said it was already taken... she doesn’t have any siblings..

asked Nov 1, 2019 in Ask KidzSearch by Coffee Cake (74,830 points)
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Hi Kidzsearch! Can users that are not signed in have an advice column? If so, can I have one and can it be called Questions for Coffee Cake?

asked Oct 25, 2019 in Ask KidzSearch by Coffee Cake (74,830 points)
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I have cleared my browser cache, cookies, site data, and browser history but in is still not working for me, it worked enough yesterday for me to see the fear but now it only loads to the top bar with my username every time.

asked Jul 19, 2019 in KidzNet by LunaLight (90,260 points)
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Whenever you do an apostrophe on a comment, it just turns it into a weird jumble of letters. Like this- Won't. Normal. Don&rsquo:t. Definitely NOT normal. See? I don't ( ... with my Ipad, or if it is some sort of glitch, but it is REALLY annoying me!

asked Mar 13, 2019 in Ask KidzSearch by Ammy K.
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Hey kidzsearch why are people talking about love,privates and more stuff children should not know about it. So pls get rid of it.

asked Mar 21, 2018 in Ask KidzSearch by NATHAN (63,420 points)
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Can you make a category in the Advice Column section for my religious advice and title it: HSGIRL 10's Religious Advice Thank you so much!

asked Jul 22, 2016 in Ask KidzSearch by ☺ hsgirl10 ❤ (7,350 points)
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Dear Kidzsearch, I was just wondering if I could be a moderator. I am just wondering so you don't have to say yes but it would really be appreciated. I am ... yes to my request, but I would really really appreciate it. Sincerely Yours, Cindy7872 AJ

asked Apr 12, 2016 in Ask KidzSearch by Cindy7872 AJ (28,680 points)
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