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If you don't know what great wolf lodge is well it's this big hotel.There is so much to do. There's a giant water park,bowling alley,arcade,magic ... Then today where going to bushgardens to see Christmas town. Bushgardens is a fun amusement park.

asked Dec 16, 2019 in Travel by lypi123 (7,130 points)
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What's the weather? I'm on a trip, so the temp changes, but the coldest was 28 degrees! Where I am right now is in the 50's (In the Texas Panhandle)

asked Oct 17, 2018 in Travel by TylerTheDrummer (73,760 points)
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Hey guys! My family and I went on an RV trip to Montana in July of 2018, we saw LOTS of nice views! We traveled from Texas to Colorado, Wyoming, Montana, and ... And, before you say it, KidzSearch DID approve me to do this on KidzNet and KidzTalk!

asked Oct 13, 2018 in Travel by TylerTheDrummer (73,760 points)
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