Kazuku Shukei (Profile Modeled After "Bleach Wikia" Profiles)

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Kazuk Shukei (deceased)
Creator: GemHeart  Fandom: Bleach
Race: Soul (Shinigami)
Birthday: November 1st
Gender: Male
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 128 IBS
Blood Type: B
Theme Song: TBD
                                              ----Professional Status----
Affiliation: Gotei, Soul Society
Profession: Shinigami
Division: 12th Division
Position: 4th Seat Seated Officer
Previous Position: 13th Company Unseated Officer (Unofficial)
                              5th Company Seated Officer
Base of Operations: Seireitei, Soul Society
                                            ---Personal Status-----
Relatives: Rinji Shukei (sister)
                Unnamed family (deceased)
                Momo Hinamori (distant cousin)
Education: Shin'o Academy
Shikai: Monosugoi Waiven ("Earth Shattering Wyvern")
Bankai: Not Yet Revealed
                                         ---First Appearance---
Manga: Vl. 1 Chap. 1
            (Bleach The Frost Divide: The Prequel; Mention)
            Vl.1 Chap. 2
            (BTFD: TP; Flashback)
Anime: N/A
Video Game: N/A
                                            ---Voice Actors---
English: N/A
Japanese: N/A
Spanish: N/A

Kazuku Shukei (しゅけい かずく, Shukei Kazuku) was a Shinigami. He was the former 12th Company 4th Seat, despite being more than qualified for the Assistant Captain position. He formerly served under 5th Company, and during his first week as a Soul Reaper, he took a job shadow in 13th Company.


Kazuku was well known for his charming good looks while in Rukongai. He had black, messy hair and pale blue eyes. He wore a standard-issue Shinigami uniform with the sleeves rolled up past his elbows when working. He always had a sword on him, rather it be his own or a wooden training sword. Despite being in 12th Company, he never made any body modifications.


Kazuku was the ideal role model for many Shinigami: he was hardworking, kind, and always on task and doing the right thing. While he wasn't without his flaws, he was a kind person. He was frequently spotted giving out watermelon he grew back in his Rukongai home, and he was adept at cooking. He was hardly serious, unless someone was about to be hurt. Being in 12th Company, he was a very smart man with a knack for creating- or accidently destroying- things. He was very kind when it came to his younger sister, and would do anything for her, even if it meant his own death.


Not a whole lot is known about Kazuku leading up to his murder. He and his sister were born in the World of the Living to a pair of exiled Soul Reapers. Their father was a Shukei, and their mother was his wife who was exiled along with him: she had to give birth in the World of the Living. Why they were exiled it is not known,  despite there being several rumors that an Arrancar was involved somehow, and that they were exiled because of a crime. After Rinji was born, the parents were mysteriously murdered, and some believe in was by the same Arrancar they may have committed the crime with.
Once Kazuku and Rinji were killed by a blizzard shortly after their parents died and left them all alone, they reached the Soul Society. At first, they were assigned to the very worst district, and their early years were very hard on both their bodies and their minds, almost driving them to the edge of death. However, Kazuku managed to get into the Shin'o Academy, and he studied hard, frequently taking Rinji, who was only a baby, with him to keep her safe. Once he graduated, he requested that Rinji be moved to a safer district. Since Kazuku knew Momo Hinamori from his multiple trips to the other districts, he requested that his sister be moved to that district. The day Rinji was moved, Kazuku obtained a 5th Company seated position, despite only having been a Shinigami for a week. 
While Rinji was being raised part-time by Toshiro Hitsugaya's and Momo Hinamori's grandmothers, Kazuk was working hard to climb the ranks. He was transferred to 12th Company soon after graduating, about 3 months, due to his brilliance. He made Rinji a special kimono because of her uncontrollable spiritual pressure, which was one of his first inventions. He invented several things before U-ezuri Danizee took an interest in him. Once this happened, Kazuku's fate was sealed. While Kazuk trained Rinji so that she could get a head start in Shin'o Academy, U-ezuri planned and executed several crimes using Kazuku's appearance. Kazuku was apprehended and murdered for something he did not do in the end, leading Rinji to swear revenge on Danizee.


Spiritual Awareness- From a young age, he has had spiritual awareness.

Expert Hand-to-Hand Combatant-  He was able fight off several enemies at once.

Enhanced Speed & Reflexes- He frequently trained Rinji so that she would have this as well.
Enhanced Endurance- He had enhanced endurance as well.
Keen Intellect- Kazuku was a genius, enough to rival Captain Mayuri's intellect.
Kido Power- Kazuku was skilled at Kido.
Master Swordsman- He was good enough with his sword to teach Rinji well.
Hakuda Combatant- Kazuku was skilled at this style of fighting.


Monosugio Waiven was a earth-type Zanpak-to. Not a lot is known about it or it's abilities.


Naturally, Monosigio Waiven's weakness would have been water.


  • Kazuku's nickname is "Kazuk", and that's what people called him.
  • He created several inventions, such as the weapons Rinji uses.
  • He was the last surviving heir to the Shukei name, being that with him, his family virtually died because he couldn't carry on the name.
  • He was Rukongai's champion watermelon grower.
  • He was an okay top-spinner and could rival Toshiro Hitsugaya.
  • Like Rinji, he liked spicy and sweet food, while he hated veggies.
(I hope you enjoyed this! I will do a mini one about my other Bleach OCs [just the box thing]. Request a character of mine that you want me to do a profile on, and do one of your own! Have fun!)
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