The Halloween Special By LLM Studio

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A/N: This show does not take real comments and questions. Only fictional ones. 


LLM: Welcome to LLM Studio’s Halloween Special and Happy Halloween. Halloween is a holiday and we wanted to do something special. 

M: Mostly her. 

LLM: Yes mostly me. I am perfectly happy to take credit for the idea. 

M: By chance is anyone going as a sheltie? Or have a sheltie? Call in if you do. 

*seconds later* *phone rings*

LLM: *presses button* Hello! LLM Studio. You are on the air! 

C: Hello! I just wanted to say that I have a sheltie since Molly asked. 

M: Great! What is its name?

C: Cicely. 

LLM: Great to hear from you. What are you going to be for Halloween?

C: Sleeping Beauty. 

LLM: Very cool! 

C: I have to go! Bye! *hangs up*     

LLM: Well, Molly. Are you happy it is Halloween today?

M: PEOPLE GIVEN OUT FREE FOOD! It is the best. Except for the year you made me dress up. Clothes and blankets… *shiver* my worst enemies. I guess I have a lot of enemies and things to bark at… people, racks….

LLM: *cuts her off* save it for a show when people ask US questions. What do you think? Should we have a guest?

M: *shrugs* 

LLM: Please give a warm welcome to ... the one and only…. Tara Dartwood! 

T: Hi! 

LLM: Hello! Can you tell us about Halloween at Hogwarts?

T: Of course. So there is a big feast, big jack-o-lanterns, and live bats for decor. But, umm I shouldn’t talk about it on a public radio with Muggles listening. 

LLM: Don’t worry. Very few are Muggles. Most are witches and wizards. *whispers* the Muggles will think it is fiction. *normal voice* Well, Molly. Any comments?

M: Is the food good?

T: Oh yes! So much food, puddings, sauces, breads,....

M: Meat?

T: Oh no. I am a vegetarian. 

M: I will never understand people who don’t eat meat. 

*phone rings*

LLM: Molly you can get it this time. 

M: *presses talk* Hello…. LLM Studio. Molly speaking. You are on the air by the way. 

C: *excited* I am a Muggle but LOVE HARRY POTTER! 

LLM: I am personally a witch.

M: What? 

LLM: Shhhh

C: I also wanted to ask if Tara is named after Tara from Royal Academy Rebels?

LLM: YES!! And her last name is…

C: *jumps in* a version of the last name Briarwood. 

LLM: Yup!

M: Ugh. You and those books….

T: What are you going to be for Halloween?

C: Luna Lovegood. 

LLM: NOOOOOO!!!! THAT IS MY COSTUME! Well who cares. We don’t even live in the same town. 

C: Bye! *hangs up phone*

T: I should get going.

M: Bye! 

LLM: See ya soon.

T: *Opens door and walks on out* 

M: Just us. 

LLM: Yup. We should keep talking. 

M: Are you going to make me dress up for Halloween again? Please say no. 

LLM: Nope. 

M: YES! What are you going as?

LLM: You already know! Me and three of my friends are going together. I am as Luna Lovegood, and two of them as Ginny and Hermione. Then. my other friend is Princess Buttercup from the Princess Bride. 

M: Cool. 

LLM: And you aren’t coming.

M: Yup. I am staying home and barking at trick or treaters how come and get candy from a ball. 

LLM: You are right. *throws Molly a treat*

M: *catches it*

LLM: Good girl. 

M: *through a mouth full* Thank you. 

LLM: No problem. 

M: What next?

LLM: We talk about Halloween more! *pulls out script* I found facts….

M: Get on with it. 

LLM: *clears throat* Jack O’Lanterns come from the Irish Legend of Springy Jack.  Basically stuff about keeping away the devil.

M: I need to hear this. 

LLM: I have no more to say about it. Oh you will like this one….

M: Tell me!

LLM: Candy corn was originally called Chicken Feed. 

M: *breaks into laughter* 

LLM: One of the facts says the White House is haunted…. The website reads. “The United States' most famous address has had several reports of ghostly appearances and eerie sounds – and that's not even including election years! The most common ghost sighting is of Abraham Lincoln who has been spotted by First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt, Queen Wilhelmina of the Netherlands and Sir Winston Churchill. Other paranormal guests include Andrew Jackson, David Burns and Abigail Adams.” says ‘10 fun facts you didn’t know about Halloween’ on 10 best dot com.

M: Spooky….. Is there any sheltie ghost sightings?

LLM: Let me Google it…. *pulls out phone* 

M: Oooooo haaaaaa hehehehehehe I am a ghost haunting this radio station. 

*phone rings*

LLM: I am still searching. Molly please get that! 

M: *presses talk* Hello. Molly speaking. 


LLM: *still not looking up* That was just Molly. 

C: Oh okay. *hangs up*

LLM: As I search we are going to have a short commercial break. 



LLM: Okay so ArtistGirl from KidzNet says, “I have some questions... what’s her favourite animal, favourite school subject, and favourite season?”


T: My favorite animal… That’s a hard one. I really just love all animals. My favorite Hogwarts subject is Charms. My favorite Muggle subject is English. I love all the seasons and can’t pick.

LLM: Listen to LLM Studio for your entertainment. Find us on KidzTalk. LLM Studio is published by KidzSearch International Broadcasting Company. 



V (voice): Join KidzNet. It is a safe social network for kids. Let your creativity soar. Find KidzNet at



LLM: And we are back! And nothing good came up about Sheltie ghosts. 

M: Ugh. 

LLM: A quick word. If you would like to be featured in our commercials please submit one in the comments or message my on KidzNet. 

M: Okay….

LLM: Any spooky stories you can make on the spot, Molly?

M: Oh yes. *spooky tune* Once I was walking in an abandoned animal shelter.

LLM: *turns on spooky noises in background* 

M: When I came across a kennel with something in it. I heard the pawing and scratching. 

LLM: *adds scratching to the noises*

M: It was a SHELTIE GHOST!!! 

LLM: *turns off music* Great story Molly. Wanna sing a spooky duet?

M: YES! *singing* Ghosts and Goblins. 

LLM:*turns on spooky melody* *singing* Ghosts on their brooms.

M: Chasing you to the moon. 

Unison: Why is all this happening?

M: Who knows?

LLM: Not me!

Unison: Because it's HALLOWEEN! 

LLM: *stops singing* *stops melody* Let’s play a little spooky tune that is real. 

M: Oh no…. Don’t do it! 

LLM: *hits play on the Monster Mash* *screams at top of her lungs*

M: I am cutting to commercial for your own good. *presses pause*



M: *singing* Somewhere over the Rainbow! Skies are blue and the dreams that you dare to dream really do COME TRUE!!!!




LLM: Yes we did. 

M: It was the wrong tape. 

LLM: Why did you cut it off? I wanted to hear that!


LLM: Fine. *pulls out script* Next on our schedule is to react to Halloween Costumes. But one quick note first. For your information this isn’t scripted talking. We talk freely. I just write out a plan for the show and print out things like facts and other things. Well on with the Halloween Costumes. These are Punny Halloween costumes. 

M: *sarcastic* hahahaha

LLM: The first is ‘When Life Gives You Lemons’ And the costume is a lady with a basket of lemons and a name tag that says ‘life.’ OMG. That is a good one to start with but we have tons more. 

M: Funny. I guess. Can I read the next one?

LLM: Go ahead. 

M: *pulls out her copy of the script* This one is a ‘GreenHouse.” AKA someone in a green dress with a model of a house painted green for a hat.

LLM: OMG. Next is ‘Holy Guacamole’ aka an avocado (green shirt) with a halo! 

M: *bangs head on table* Next is ‘Smart Cookie’ aka a guy in graduation robes with cookie stickers. *slow clap* 

LLM: ‘Hawaiian Punch’ aka a guy with a flowered shirt on and boxing gloves! *unstoppable laughter*

M: *whispers into mic* She is going insane. *normal voice* ‘Spice Girls’ aka people dressed as spices. 

LLM: OMG *more laughter*

M: *points at LLM* *spins finger in a circle* *mouths crazy*


M: Saw what. *winks* 

LLM: Okay, moving on. ‘Ceiling Fan’ aka a person with a sign that says ‘GO CEILING!!!’ That is total my BFF! 

M: ‘Candy Rappers’ People dressed as rappers with candy wrappers stuck to them! Seriously?

LLM: Oh for Christmas All School Tournament, my team’s theme was ‘Present Rappers’ aka presents that rap. We won best costume.  Okay, next is ‘Netflix and Chill’ A person in a Netflix Shirt and a sign that says chill. And that’s all for the costumes. 

M: Cut to commercial. 



T: Time for the song…. *singing* My name is Tara. And I am here to say….

*cut tape*



LLM: Wrong tape again, Molly. That must have been Tara when I went to the Bathroom in a commercial break….

M: Wow….. 

T: *storms in* WHY DID YOU PLAY THAT!!!!

M: It was a mistake. 

T: Oh okay. 

M: please leave you are ruining the show. 

LLM: That isn’t nice. 

T: I have to go anyway. See ya later! 

LLM and Molly: Bye, Tara. 

LLM: Back to business. I think we have to rap it up. 

*phone rings*

LLM: *hits talk* LLM Studio. You are on the air. 

C: I just wanted to say, ‘HAPPY HALLOWEEN’ and I love your shows. *hangs up*

M: *shrugs* 

LLM: I think we have to end it there. Have a great Halloween everyone! 

M: Bye! *already out the door*

LLM: Good bye! See you all again soon! 



LLM Studio is published by KidzSearch International Broadcasting Network

Recorded by LLM Studio

Hosted by LLM and Molly

Please see our sistering broadcast The GH Type Show


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That was so cool! You are an amazing writer! I'm laughing so loud in a hospital!
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;D Great!

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