A few peoples be doin dis, so about me!

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'Ello! LunaLight here, I have a few accounts but this is my main one. The other two I will reveal to you are Lesbian Wolf Furry and Overcomer of Dark. You may call me Luna or Jaden (my irl first name) on any account, or you can use the full name of whatever account I'm on, but please don't call me things like Light, Lesbian, Wolf, Furry or Dark, the incompletion will drive me crazy. Most of you know me from either on here or on KN where I am almost always online. Here-s some random facts-

  1. I'M GAAAAAY! I'm lesbian and proud of it! My flag is either rainbow or labrys.
  2. I stand up for anyone and everyone. If anyone says something mean I will come at them like a wolf with my words. I don't tolerate that. If it's drama or arguing though, I try to be a peacekeeper if possible.
  3. I am a cisgender female, though I am not that feminine, more of a tomboy.
  4. I'm from a small town in Iowa, USA.
  5. I love anime, manga and that whole thing. My favorite anime is probably... Assassination Classroom. 
  6. I love to draw, mostly anime and people. I am working on a few things still though.
  7. I am short-tempered, especially towards homophobics, racists, religion-bashers, sexists, transphobics, and pretty much discriminators in general.
  8. I am questioning my religion currently, I might be Hellenist, though I still say atheist for the time being.
  9. I'm currently learning 3 languages, Spanish, Japanese and Greek. I am focusing on Spanish for now and am learning pretty fast, hopefully I can hold a conversation soon. 
  10. This list needed a ten, lol... WAIT! I love WebToons and my favorite WebToon author is Snailords.
Any questions? Cool, me too XD. Ask anything ya want in the answers, most of you guys already know all of this but for anyone who doesn't, here. 

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answered Apr 12 by Jabber (26,590 points)
We have a lot in common!
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answered Apr 11 by KITTEN (623,970 points)
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answered Apr 11 by human
Cool! I’m currently trying to figure out who everyone is and what their multiple accounts are so that was really helpful thx
commented Apr 11 by KITTEN (623,970 points)
Some of my other accounts are Paws N Claws, Puppy, and Excelsior. I have about 10 others.
commented Apr 12 by forgxtten_chiLd (48,300 points)
whooaaaa.... 10 other accounts? how many emails do u have lol
commented Apr 12 by KITTEN (623,970 points)
I use a email generator
commented Apr 13 by Lesbian Wolf Furry (10,370 points)
I have 3 school emails, my personal one and my mom's which is the only reason why I have more account on KT than KN, LunaLight my mom allowed, Overcomer of Dark and lunamoonlight are my personal email, and Lesbian Wolf Furry and LesbianWolfFurry are one school email, and my other two *one account for each* are another school email. I still have one email left to use.
commented Apr 13 by forgxtten_chiLd (48,300 points)

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