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asked Jan 15 in Writing Contests by Ammy-k (32,570 points)

Hello, fellow authors (and readers)

1. Use one (or even both) of the prompts to write a short story. 

2. Use existing characters or ones made up now. NOTE: By existing characters, I meant ones YOU have already made. If you would like to use a historical person or write some sort of FanFiction, you can ask me here or on KidzNet (I'm ammyk there.)

4. Make it at least 3 paragraphs long. The passcode is one-thousand-words.

5. Do your best to make the plot original and coherent.

6. Post the story along with the word count (this is not necessary, however,) as well as the passcode. The passcode is used so that I can make sure whoever is writing the story read the entire list of instructions.

7. There will be no official winner, but I may or may not favourite the story I like most.


That's all I can think of for now! Without further ado, here are the prompts-

1. A person who has the power of magnifying power. For instance, if there is a slight breeze, they can turn it into a huge gust of wind. In your story, you must answer (at least some of) these questions, in story form-

  • How much fuel do they need to magnify power?
  • What types of energy can they magnify?
  • What is the toll of their power on their body?
  • How do they feel about their power? Are they jealous of others with better powers? Do they feel like they are better than people around them?
2. There is a magical village deep in the woods. Every time someone new comes to visit the village, it moves far away, taking the person with it, and erasing their memory. Answer these questions within your short story-
  • Are there any inhabitants in the town? If so, do they want people to come to their home? Do their memories get erased as well?
  • What draws the people to the village?
  • Does the village look like any other town, or is there something different about it?
  • Do the people, if there are any, try to keep in contact with the rest of the world?
  • Can the people whose memories are erased ever remember anything? Can their memories be triggered by something?

Alrighty folks, thanks for reading and good luck if you plan on entering the informal contest!

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answered Jan 16 by magicharrypottergal (11,600 points)
Kim was an ordinary girl until one day she woke up to a slight breeze and turned it into a tornado! But she couldn't move well because she was extremely tired! Then her mum burst in saying '' GET TO THE CELLAR!'' But she didnt move until her mum started running which left more wind so she got up and ran into the cellar only to see a box saying ''Kim'' so she opened it and found a note saying kim I am the mother of elements and I have chosen you..... But soon kim got bored and slept  then she had a dream  where the mother of elements was in the cellar ''Kim I am not making a story YOU caused that tornado so its up to you to fix it. But you can  magnify fire so that will help.'' She said   then kim woke up and remembered that she made the tornado and she had to fix it   so she told her mum IM GONNA FIX THIS! And ran off

To the tornado and lit a match then magnified it.

the tornado was going away but... It was expanding so she went to both sides and magnified the fire  ''ITS WORKING '' she said in a muffled  voice dodging rucksacks and shoes   YaY WoOhoo! She heard while again dodging shoes and backpacks and  that was the story  of korean kim!
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answered Jan 16 by Greenie

Olivia Broseman had no idea what was waiting for her inside her new hotel, oh no. She had recently arrived in California from Washington. Olivia was now standing at the front step of her apparently empty apartment building for the fall, tapping unknowingly on the front door. “Is anyone there?,” said Olivia, peeking through the bright window. It was nighttime, with the moon shining bright on the now red and yellow trees. “Anyone home?,” she repeated. No one answered, so she reluctantly opened the door with a creak. The first thing Olivia saw was dust. She sneezed. The lobby had an eerie feeling that made the hairs on the back of her neck stand up, and she could have sworn she heard a soft cackle that seemed to be coming from above. She reached for her dog and held him close. What no one had told Olivia was that there was a shadow creeping around the city at night. The strange thing was that this shadow had no human. It was simply a huge, hunched figure with a tendency to sneak up on people. There were many people trying to find The Shadow, though none ever succeeded. It seemed to be impossible. In fact, this very night, a big ship was traveling the Pacific Ocean searching for the monster. At the time, Olivia knew none of this. She was still standing, watching for any signs of movement. Then something dark moved in a corner. And what happened next will always be a mystery.

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