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Keyboard typing is a major problem for many kids. The KidzSearch speech-to-text feature solves this by allowing searches to be done using voice commands. The verbal search works with web, image, video and all our other search types.
For now, this special feature will only work on a Chrome Browser or using Microsoft Edge. Other desktop browsers will not show the microphone icon. In the future we plan to support more browsers as the technology develops.

Make sure your microphone is plugged in and working properly. Mobile users can just use the microphone that comes up as as part of the keyboard when you select the input box.

Using a mouse, Click on the microphone symbol next to any of our search input boxes.

Confirm the request box to use the microphone. For security and safety reasons, this needs to be done each time.

When the system is ready to listen, you will see a red dot on your browser tab.

You can now ask what you want searched. The KidzSearch filtered safe search results will show up automatically. Repeat the process for more searches. You can at any time do a manual text search as well.

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