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Please contact us using the form below for information about using our online safety features in your application. We can provide you with XML safe results. Our filtering software is based on years of research and uses advanced AI to detect and flag inappropriate content. We are constantly testing it based on millions of searches done each day. In addition, we get daily feedback from customers that allow us to fine-tune it when needed. If you compare our filtering to anything else on the market, you will see why we are the best most trusted solution available when it comes to something as important as online safety. uses the same API to power their filtering system. We can also provide White Label solutions that allow you to use our platform, but have it branded as your own product. This can allow your website or application to have the benefit of our system while maintaining your own brand.

In addition to powering our own system (, we provide filtering for many different uses, such as:

We can help make any online application safer for both kids and adults too. Contact us for more information and pricing.

KidzSearch Knowledge Engine API
KidzSearch has an API that can provide answers to questions that kid's commonly ask, like math problems, basic science, history questions and much more. Unlike other automated Q&A AI systems, ours is focused on kids, so we respond with the proper level of material and vocabulary that makes the results more understandable. Our advanced AI system uses millions of pages of content focused on K-12 education coupled with proprietary learning algorithms to provide answers to questions that kids often ask. We can power your system with kid-friendly intelligence.

Please use the form below and we will respond back as soon as possible.

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