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10 Animals That Were Frozen in Time

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Mind Warehouse

You've probably heard about an unusual science called cryonics - the low-temperature freezing and storage of humans and animals, with the speculative hope that resurrection may be possible in the future.
The technology for revitalization has not yet been invented. However, some people pay thousands of dollars to preserve their brain after death and spend decades in the freezer. It is assumed that in the future, scientists will learn to revitalize the body and all these people will miraculously be resurrected. Do you believe this could happen?
One way or another, so far, most animals have not learned how to survive in a freezing state. But nature is full of wonders, and there are some exceptions. Today we will tell you about several cases when the animals managed to remain safe and sound after being trapped in ice. By the way, if this is your first time on our channel - hit the subscribe button not to miss exciting, funny, and educational videos.

00:00 - Welcome!
01:00 - American alligators (Preview)
02:12 - Cave bear
03:17 - Domestic cat
04:32 - Fox (Preview)
05:36 - Wapiti
06:19 - Dog
07:00 - Horses
07:17 - Wolf
08:04 - Cave lion
09:13 - Bird

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