Did you know that a baby newborn Great White Shark has never actually been seen before? It seems hard to believe, but it is a true fact. However, recently, scientists may have finally captured one on camera.

Have you ever wondered why dogs wag their tails? New research says humans may be the real reason. We may have selected dogs over 1000's of years that did more tail wagging because it makes us happy.

Meet Owney, one of the most famous dogs in the world that you probably never even heard about. Back in 1888, Owen became a true celebrity by traveling around the world with the post office. It is an amazing story.

Scientists have found that the mothers of bottlenose dolphins use higher-pitched whistles when talking to their young like human baby talk.

This border collie named Axel is being hailed a hero for saving the life of a 17-year-old Texas boy, Gabriel Silva, who was experiencing a stroke. Read how this dog save his life.

White seahorses are mainly found near Sydney, Australia. These tiny seahorses were named the second most endangered kind of seahorse in the world. In a world-record effort to help save these rare sea creatures, Australian scientists have released hundreds of baby seahorses into the wild.

Meet Pearl, a two-year-old female Chihuahua who Guinness World Records officially crowned as the world’s shortest dog living. Pearl measures 3.59 inches tall, meaning she’s shorter than a standard remote control or a popsicle stick.

Meet Stubbs the cat and learn how he became the actual mayor of a city in Alaska for 20 years! Residents of Talkeetna believed that no human candidate was worthy enough to lead their town.

Black cats and Halloween go together, but do you know the real reason they are associated with the holiday? Read all about it on KidzNet.

Natural disasters like earthquakes, hurricanes, and floods occur yearly around the globe. Researchers are training rats with tiny backpacks to help locate victims that need help in hard to reach places.

Are you having a rough day? Whether it’s homework, tricky math problems, or deadlines, everyday life can be quite stressful. Did you know your dog can sense it and maybe even help you out?

Did you know that E.T. was really a plant? Scientists have been searching for any signs of alien life on other planets, including plants that may exist on them. 

Have you ever wondered if fish get thirsty and need to drink? The answer might surprise you. Fish need water in their body even though they live in it. However, the environment where they live is an important factor in how they get it.

Read about the possible ways we could bring back dinosaurs to life, just like in the movie Jurassic Park, and real limitations as well.

You may have watched funny videos on the internet about cats acting weird after eating or sniffing catnip, but do you know the real reason they like it? The answer might surprise you.

When you hear the word hero, what’s the first thing that comes to your mind? Maybe a person with superpowers, a cape, and a mask? Meet Ryan Honary, a young climate activist who invented a device to detect early wildfires.

Do you know what cat is the biggest and weighs close to 1,000 pounds? Hint: It is not a lion or a tiger. You probably never even heard about them. Read all about it on KidzNet.

Patron is a 2-year-old Jack Russell terrier who has been saving lives by discovering dangerous explosive devices, and was able to locate and help neutralize over 150 dangerous bombs.

A new study claims that mushrooms are able to communicate with each other using a language similar to humans, such as letting another mushroom know where to find food, or if there is danger.

The Rusty-spotted cat, also known Prionailurus rubiginosus, is the smallest wild cat in the world. At birth, it is no bigger than a mouse. Read about this incredible animal and why it needs to be protected.

A 110-million-year-old full size lizard trapped In amber, which is formed from tree bark resin, was found In Myanmar. This means it was alive when dinosaurs roamed the earth. Read more about this fascinating story on KidzNet.

And recent published scientific paper claims that octopuses are aliens that may have come from outer space, such as from frozen meteors. Discuss and read more about it on KidzNet.

A leaf sheep may be one of the weirdest animals in the entire world. They can even perform photosynthesis and get food from the sun! Read more about this incredible animal.

Have you ever heard of a fungus that takes over insects through mind control and turns them into living ‘zombies’? Cordyceps spores are able to this using special chemicals.

Chemists have discovered a new way to make plastics that will break down faster in seawater to avoid polluting our oceans. It takes centuries for plastics to fully degrade in the ocean. 80 percent of ocean trash is plastic. This new plastic can degrade in just a few weeks.

A 34-year-old African elephant at Zoo Atlanta in Georgia has just taught engineers a thing or two about how to move water. For one thing, she showed that her trunk doesnt operate as a simple straw.

Some small lizards have a newfound superpower. They can rebreathe exhaled air underwater. They do it by trapping the air in a bubble on their snouts, a new study shows.

European robins don't need a compass because they can sense magnetic fields that help them tell north from south. Now some scientists believe this superpower might be based on the spooky laws of quantum physics.

The fearsome Tyrannosaurus Rex had a tremendous bone-crushing bite. Surprisingly, a small bone was discovered that gave them so much strength.

Scientists have discovered a tiny chameleon from Madagascar. The chameleon is so small that it could easily sit on your fingertip. Only two have ever been spotted. It may be the world’s smallest reptile

Before astronauts land on Mars, scientists must know everything they can about it However, the rocky terrain makes it difficult to explore using bulky machines. New Robotic Dogs can help out.

Dogs are being trained to sniff out COVID-19, the disease caused by the new coronavirus. So far, dogs seem to be quite good at detecting the illness, but it’s not clear yet how useful these skills will be.

Sadly, bits and pieces of plastic are turning up all over, including in the snow on Mount Everest! Researchers found plastic in snow scooped from a spot 8,440 meters (27,690 feet) high, near Everest's summit.

The cameraman zooms in on the anxious elephant, who paces back and forth. However, the pachyderm's demeanor instantly calms down upon hearing a soothing ballad from Disney's Cinderella by none other than American singer and actress Cher. The now viral video was the culmination of the pop singer and animal activist's quest to save Kaavan - "The world's loneliest elephant."

67 million years ago, two well known dinosaurs, Triceratops and Tyrannosaurus rex, were discovered in a well preserved fossil buried together side by side in a single grave. Archeologists may now know how it happened.

FIDO is a high-tech vest designed for dogs that help people. It allows them to do things like dial 911, or use a synthesized voice to tell people their owner needs assistance.

Researchers have unearthed fossils of an estimated 2,468 dinosaur species that roamed the Earth millions of year ago. However, few can compare to the discovery of Oculudentavis Khaungraae, the smallest dinosaur ever known to live on the planet.

Stella is a very smart dog that has learned to use a special soundboard to talk to other humans.

Fossils from an extinct human-sized penguin were found by an amateur palaeontologist in New Zealand. It swam in the ocean about 60 million years ago and weighed up to 160lbs (80kg).

The toughest animals in the universe, called tardigrades, may already be living on the moon! They were secretly taken to the Moon in Israel’s Beresheet lander during an accidental crashed landing.
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