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To those who saw this in its original form; I got inspired to create my own essay. Hope you enjoy!

“There are Voices, and They Must be Heard.” This Is Mine.
By moi

Discrimination. Is it a fair thing? Women, muslims and black people are only some of the victims to this unequal misery; they have to struggle and fight for what they deserve. They need a voice to represent them. They need to be the subject people are discussing today. No one wants to admit- but hundreds of these communities are still out there, striving for rights.

I’m just a young girl. I can’t change who I am. I’m priveleged enough to be a muslim girl living in Indonesia who can get an education, but even so I still see what goes on from day to day in the world and inequality has so far been one of the things that affect me the most. I know that there’s little chance I’ll help change anything. For my sake, though, I will put my thoughts to paper for what I believe is right.

This world is evidently still a chaotic place. In some places people still have no mercy to the groups on the margins. But if I can see that there is something wrong with how this world is working and other people seemingly do not see it or choose to ignore it, then unless someone initiates something for justice, I will not keep these thoughts to myself.

 I’m disappointed to see that most people are still not bothered by the fact that people are out there suffering. Not one person has taken initiative as far as I could see, and it saddens me. Many people have raised their voices in the past; it helps us, inch by inch, but unless we all believe we can change and do not give up, nothing will happen.  A change has to start, as small as it is, and small voices can help to start it. And with that, I will start defining and describing these communities in more detail.

Women are discriminated still today; they are striving for education, striving for jobs, especially in some countries such as Yemen, Pakistan and Somalia. Even U.S. soccer players today are struggling to get equal pay as men

Muslims too, are treated unequally. In my opinion, ever since Trump was open to his Anti-Muslim side and initiated the Muslim Travel Ban, his followers and people also treat muslims more or less the same way. US citizens also claim that muslims are the most discriminated group in all of U.S.

“Blacks” are still striving for equality today as well. People still complain and are disgusted even after the years that have passed since slavery ended. Black children in Britain are actually whitening their faces because to this day people are racist.

I mean, I dont know if you, my reader, have ever seen any of these in action, but it makes me worry about our generation.

It makes me worry why it’s so hard for people these days to see the right from the wrong

It makes me worry that people are so consumed in their own interests that they wont step out and help the people being treated unfairly

It makes me wonder if people are so blind, they don’t see what they can fix in
the world

It makes me wonder if people are so mute, no one takes initiative to speak up and say what’s right

Why do people choose to make lies and cause fusses rather than actually making something right and brightening another’s day?

Why do I see all these wrongs, and other people seemingly don’t?

We say we’ve made changes since the wartimes, but I dont see a big difference

We say slavery has ended, but the pain those slaves go through and the hate
against them is still present today

I wish I could actually make a change. If I could, I’d change this unjust, hurtful world to be a just, fair place.

This is my voice. If you want a change, let yours be heard.


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Just because you don’t see the bad, it doesn’t mean it’s not there.  Yes, this is true, and it is going on right now. And btw, there are more out there, such as domestic violence to wives and husbands around the world. You are also not young, think of all the children advocates who changed things! Believe in equality.

EDIT: I loooooveee the ending!

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Hm, well, I don't really think much of these people who have gone through these things. I mean, as women have I ever been treated badly? No. I don't believe there is inequality now,  all people are treated the same, or at least the groups you have stated. If I could change anything about it, it would be nothing.
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