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Kidzsearch is blocked, but kidznet is not. I will try and be here as much as I can, but my school blocked the site. I will be back  and active on kidztalk once it is figured out. I will mostly be on kidznet.
asked Sep 14 in Other by Kitten (284,610 points)

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Okay. I’m glad you are not super inactive. At least we can see you on KN!

answered Sep 14 by OpalGemStar (52,100 points)
selected Oct 23 by Kitten
I am glad too!!!
yeah, I will have to use the phone or my dad's computer. It's kinda a pain, but I can make it work :D
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Oh ok! I hope you figure it out!
answered Sep 14 by lunalovegoodmolly (126,640 points)
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Okay ):
answered Sep 14 by knightstar✧ (289,640 points)
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answered Sep 14 by NATHAN (60,110 points)
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I hate securly
answered Oct 23 by Kitten (284,610 points)

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