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Rise Of The Wolves: Chapter One - KidzTalk Rise of the Wolves: Chapter 2 - KidzTalk Rise of the Wolves: Chapter 3 - KidzTalk Rise of the Wolves: Chapter 4 - KidzTalk ... of The Wolves : Chapter 14 - KidzTalk Rise of The Wolves: Chapter 15 - KidzTalk

asked Nov 22, 2019 in Other by LunaLight (90,260 points)
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Nora continued her school day and headed towards her last class. "Ugh, finally almost done." She thought. Nora sat at her desk at started sketching. She knew it was ... tommorow!" Exclaimed Nora. "Woah, did I make a friend? Finally.." She thought.

asked Apr 1, 2019 in Fiction by -Moonlight- (63,800 points)
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A/N: This is the first animal story I have written since my RatKind stories 2 years ago. RatKind was a big hit, despite the fact it only had 2 chapters, with ... Welcome to the mainland!" Rain nodded, and began climbing the trail up to the Cataracta.

asked Feb 7, 2019 in Stories / Essays by -GEMHeart- (279,240 points)
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Silens I Chapter 3 The boy was sitting beside what I figured was his brother- they were both identical, except that one of the boys had a small cut across his left eye ... . Also Knight, you can make up McGonagal's speech at the end of your chapter!

asked Oct 22, 2018 in Fanfiction by -GEMHeart- (279,240 points)
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"Wait, Astell before you go," this made Astell pause. "I was wondering why Celestia is in cuffs, but not I," said Luna. "You will find out soon enough Luna," ... she made another mlp fanfic, and i thought this song went pretty well with my story too.

asked Oct 18, 2018 in Luna's My Little Pony Club by LUNA MLP LOVER /LUNA MIDNIGHT
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The wolf finally came up to them but not enough to see his whole face. "Who goes there?" bellowed Luna's mom. The wolf stepped into the torch light. "Do you not remember ... if you want to join us?" said Misty. "Sure,"replied Agro. And off they went.

asked Oct 5, 2018 in Books by LunaLight (90,260 points)
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As they went further into the wolfcomes the darker it got. Luna's mom let her go. She sniffed around and found an old torch on the wall that clearly had not been ... me for any feedback or ideas. I would very much appreciate anything you have to say.

asked Oct 5, 2018 in Books by LunaLight (90,260 points)
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Chapter Three After she finished writing in her diary, she slammed it shut. She then looked over to her clock on her nightstand to see what time it was. Once she ... grammar errors, too. Thanks for reading and of you liked it please comment on this!

asked Sep 25, 2018 in Fiction by knight
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StarDust chapter 3 After me and sunny were done talking I went to sleep but had a hard time I was still so worried about the Qween. Even though Qween star and King ... eyes and pale skin with black hair. " My name is Stardust" I said while smiling.

asked Jul 6, 2018 in Fiction by Twilight stardust ⭐ (24,300 points)
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What I saw really confused me.A lot Was Indi,my best friend,sitting with Mackenzie urban? The person who bullied me every day? My heart sank,as I saw them laughing ... feeling someone was watching me though,as I was trying not to run in the halls.

asked May 27, 2017 in Books / General by Vanilla Bean (85,120 points)
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asked May 19, 2017 in Ask KidzSearch by L (75,740 points)
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The Choice Of Hope Chapter 3 Story by 2CutePandiLou and Gemheart As Hope arrived at the library, she was overwhelmed by heat. Her frozen tears melted instantly, ... the file. αиd σρєи yєт αиσтнєя diรтαит мyรтєяy.

asked May 2, 2017 in Fiction by ❤☮LouTheLuver☮❤ (160,150 points)
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Meanwhile at the castle , Magnolia wished she could go visit the giant, but she couldn't because the king said not to go to the village. Magnolia planned a way to ... in the shed. I hope you liked this chapter go look at the other one on Sunday

asked Jan 27, 2017 in Books by -Moonlight- (63,800 points)
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Mary asked what happened so I said," Did I faint, if I did I think its called a white out because saw someone let me think who it was." Mary then said," Yes you did ... saw a look on the boys face saying I-hate-you. Then I said, " Whats your name."

asked Dec 4, 2016 in Books / General by (Taurus) SweetieGem (21,900 points)
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Search: Selachimorphas I couldn't find one single thing about human/shark symbiosis. Nothing. "Hmm..maybe what happened to me was just some sort of freak ... ://

asked Apr 2, 2016 in Fiction by rae (86,620 points)
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CHAPTER 11 Maya I am walking. I don't know where I am walking. Steve has his arm around me. My eyes are closed. "Maya, are you ok?" "Hmm umm ya hum" "I don't know how ... you?" Maya says. "Yes! Get in! You and your.. um.." "Boyfriend." I say sharply.

asked May 29, 2015 in English by GymnastPower (36,430 points)
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CHAPTER 3~~~~~~~ Fernanada and I start down the dark street. I hold on to my handle bars tight. Letting go could kill her, and maybe even kill me if the bike ... hear gunshots! I turn to look, but what I see is something I thought I would never.

asked May 10, 2015 in English by GymnastPower (36,430 points)
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A:share news and ideas with people in other colonies B:tell the British what colonist were doing C:throw tea in Boston Harbor or D:stop paying the british taxes

asked Feb 2, 2015 in History / Social Sci by victoria
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