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Bowling in the Street with a Rheoscopic Fluid Ball

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Channel: IncredibleScience
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I took rheoscopic fluid which is current showing fluid and filled a super strong balloon and went bowling in the street to see if ti would pop! The pins were invisible. I also used food coloring to make many different colors of rheoscopic fluids. The light up swirl lamp looked amazing. It looks silvery because of the silver flakes or fish flakes that are found in rheoscopic fluid. It doesn't sink down in the water right away although if you leave it for a while the silvery substance will sink as you see in my little test tube experiment with the rheoscopic fluid. Share like and subscribe to my channel see you soon and always STAY INCREDIBLE!!

Rheoscopic fluid literally means "current showing" fluid. Such liquids are effective in visualizing dynamic currents in fluids, such as convection and laminar flow. They are microscopic crystalline platelets such as mica, metallic flakes, or fish scales in suspension in a fluid such as water or glycol stearate.

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