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How I Proved the Earth is Round (with my Bike and Two Sticks)

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The scientific method is an incredible thing. I use it to test if the Earth is flat or round, and to measure its size, with just my bike and two sticks.

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This experiment would have been impossible without the help from Casey, Ryan, Jessica, and everyone at the Saskatchewan Science Centre. They went above and beyond with this project, and their science centre is fantastic. Check out this place!

Here is the poll i reference at the start:

Also, I tested if the sun was far away or close to Earth. Its really far:

And I did an even easier experiment to test it again:

Something I didn't get into in my video but really wanted to, is that my experiment was different than Eratosthenes' in another small but significant way. His was done on the summer solstice, and in Syene instead of using a stick and a shadow, he used a well. At solar noon the light went directly down to the bottom of the well. This is the same as if a stick cast no shadow. Since he knew that this happened every year on that day, he only had to measure one shadow, and he didn't have to line things up like I did. But, I have bikes, planes, and the internet, so I can't complain.

Thanks for watching! #aroundearthbybike #flatearth #science

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