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I Did The Wrong Thing After Being Bullied

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When Sarah was in middle school, she had a really tough time. She was constantly bullied by her classmates, and the kids around her always found a reason to pick on her. For about three years, people would call Sarah mean names, throw things at her during class and write horrible things about her on the bathroom walls. It got to the point where Sarah was even physically bullied - people would stop her in the halls and hurt her for no apparent reason. It was an incredibly difficult time for her.

Sarah's parents tried to do everything they could to help, but it just didn't seem like any of her teachers cared enough to make a real difference. It was a traumatic experience for Sarah, and she felt scared about going to school.

But when Sarah reached high school years, she decided to have a completely different approach - instead of sitting around and waiting to get bullied, Sarah decided to turn into the bully. If she felt the slightest amount of disrespect from someone, she went crazy. She fought people in the halls, screamed at people at school, and even threatened other kids. She was constantly in trouble - she got in-school suspension and was sent home. Her parents were always being called.

Sarah's anger got so out of hand that her teachers even recommended sending her to an alternative school, and they feared that she would end up in jail. But Sarah's mom decided that wouldn't work for her, so she started going to counselling. Unfortunately, because Sarah's anger was so intense, not even therapy helped her. Her rage lasted for years.

However, as time went by, Sarah started to realize the truth - she lashed out on people because she was so afraid that, if she didn't do anything, they would end up lashing out on her. Because she had spent so many years being bullied, she thought the only solution was to become an even bigger bullying than the people who once picked on her. Everything she was doing was out of fear. Once Sarah realized this, she started to change. Her therapy sessions started to work, and she began to mature.

Since then, she has now found healthy ways to deal with her anger and emotions, and when she looks back, she says to herself, "I did the wrong thing after being bullied."

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