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Incredible 160-year-old Civil War era photos Restored, Enhanced, and Colorized

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Channel: A.B. Cannon
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My aim with this project is to bring color, clarity, and other modern digital enhancements to these old tintype photos for the sake of historical preservation and awareness. However, my ultimate goal with this project is to evoke an increased measure of understanding, empathy, and appreciation towards those who endured one of the bloodiest and most tumultuous eras in American history. I hope that additional clarity and color can help viewers to experience a familiar, relatable immediacy and greater connection to our ancestors who lived, worked, laughed, cried, and experienced the same type of human emotions we do.

For many, the only record of what these very real people looked like is documented in these tintype photos. The entirety of their memory may be held in these images which are limited in quality, condition, and clarity because of the limitations of Tintype photography which was still in its infancy. I hope that my work helps us to recognize that these people in each photo faced the same reality we do, one that is in vivid detail and in color.

I need your help!
To continue this most important work, I need your help. This project consumes a substantial amount of time. Each individual restoration + colorization takes 10-40 hours to complete from start to finish. I would love to dedicate all of my time to continue this effort to preserve and bring awareness to history. That is why I've started a Patreon to seek financial support for this project going forward. Please visit my Patreon page for extended information about how your funding can help to preserve and showcase these beautiful portraits.

Thank you for your help, consideration, and support for my project!
Adam (A.B.)

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