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What is Dark Matter? A New Clue!

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Channel: What The Physics?!
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Scientists may have found clues to the nature of dark matter in a signal from the universe’s first stars.
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Here is the research paper:
Authors: Judd D. Bowman, Alan E. E. Rogers, Raul A. Monsalve, Thomas J. Mozdzen & Nivedita Mahesh

This evidence seems to suggest that the dark matter is particles that are less than four times the mass of a proton and are moving at non-relativistic speeds. This is consistent with dark matter particles being so-called WIMPs:

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Host, Producer: Greg Kestin
Researchers: Greg Kestin, Samia Bouzid
Writers: Greg Kestin, Samia Bouzid
Scientific Consultant: Douglas Finkbeiner
Editorial input from: Julia Cort, Ari Daniel
Filming: Greg Kestin
Animation and Editing: Greg Kestin
Special thanks: Avi Loeb, entire NOVA team
Media Courtesy of: NASA, ESO, and CERN
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