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Why Do Humans Have Less DNA Than This Flower?


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More DNA means more complexity, right? Scientists say not necessarily! Why is that the case?

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World's Oldest Known DNA Discovered
It won't make Jurassic Park a reality, but scientists have discovered 419 million-year-old DNA intact inside ancient salt deposits. The genetic material, the oldest ever found, belongs to salt-loving bacteria whose ancestors may have been among the first life forms on Earth.”

World's Largest Genome Belongs to Slow Growing Mountain Flower
“It is an unremarkable and rather fragile plant, but a flowering herb that frustrates gardeners for being notoriously difficult to grow has stunned scientists after they discovered it has the world's largest genome. The DNA contained within Paris japonica dwarves all other plant and animal genomes that have been analysed so far.”

Scientists Create Smallest Known Genome to Support a Living Cell
“Researchers in the United States have designed and created a synthetic cell which is able to survive and replicate itself with just 473 genes, potentially leading to the development of innovative new drugs, antibodies and fuels. In a landmark for biological understanding, the scientists based at the J Craig Venter Institute of La Jolla, California, whittled away the genes of the bacterial Mycoplasma chromosome until they reached a minimum set required for life and replication.”


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