This border collie named Axel is being hailed a hero for saving the life of a 17-year-old Texas boy, Gabriel Silva, who was experiencing a stroke. Read how this dog save his life.

Did you know that Krispy Kreme donuts will give you free donuts for each "A" grade you receive on a school report card? Read more about it on KidzNet.

White seahorses are mainly found near Sydney, Australia. These tiny seahorses were named the second most endangered kind of seahorse in the world. In a world-record effort to help save these rare sea creatures, Australian scientists have released hundreds of baby seahorses into the wild.

Scientists have found that the mothers of bottlenose dolphins use higher-pitched whistles when talking to their young like human baby talk.

Have you ever wondered why dogs wag their tails? New research says humans may be the real reason. We may have selected dogs over 1000's of years that did more tail wagging because it makes us happy.

Did you know that a baby newborn Great White Shark has never actually been seen before? It seems hard to believe, but it is a true fact. However, recently, scientists may have finally captured one on camera.

Meet Owney, one of the most famous dogs in the world that you probably never even heard about. Back in 1888, Owen became a true celebrity by traveling around the world with the post office. It is an amazing story.

Scientists have discovered that flowers can sense electrical signals from bees, helping them know when to produce nectar. This ability allows plants to attract pollinators more effectively. Experiments showed that plants can even share these signals with each other through the soil. This finding suggests plants might "talk" to each other using electricity.

Andres Valencia, a 12-year-old boy from California, is gaining attention for his large, colorful paintings. He has been compared to the famous painter Picasso and already sold some of his paintings for over $160K. He has also raised over $300K for charities.
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