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I think that the universe is infinite and eternal. According to the first law of thermodynamics, matter and energy is never created or destroyed and energy can only be converted. That means all the things that are made my matter or energy cannot be created or destroyed. The universe is made out of 100% matter and energy. Meaning that the universe cannot be created or destroyed. Probably the big bang theory is false. Probably the universe never had a beginning. When a star dies they make another star and repeats. When a planet crashes with another planet the planets make a new planet and probably a moon. You cannot fully end something or you cannot make something without using other materials. Probably I am 100% wrong. But that is my theory of the universe.
asked Jul 17, 2017 in Science by Skeptic004 (180 points)

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We don't know if the first law of thermodynamics is 100% true. It is and always will be just a theory that may get proved wrong some day if a person is able to destroy or create matter from nothing. However, so far nobody has proved it wrong...
answered Jul 22, 2017 by whizkid (56,870 points)
But if you keep chopping a peice of wood, it will not be destroyed because we can always divide it into smaller and smaller pieces.
That is true, but If we find a way to truly destroy or create matter, it will most likely be in a way never done before using new concepts of science.

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