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I will be extremely inactive for a while. I am very busy and haven’t found too much to do lately on KN. Mostly I’m just busy and after PW shut down I’m trying to find a new art site. Because I don’t share everything on KN I’d like to have a place where I can. I would like to know when KidzArt hits our devices so I can join and be a ton more active once it comes out. :)


I’m not leaving!
asked Jul 10 in Other by -GEMHeart- (182,380 points)

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answered Jul 10 by ‍arKZo (291,850 points)
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PW shut down? I didn' know that, i have not been on there for awhile anyway, why is this bolded?

answered Jul 11 by Luna midnight
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Kk! Bye! Come back soon!
answered Jul 11 by Knight Star (196,060 points)

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